Will Tow Continues to Gouge San Marcos Police Rotation Vehicle Owners With Impunity

Will Fuck U Tow in San Marcos

Motorists traveling anywhere in the San Marcos, Texas city limits who are involved in a traffic accident or breakdown blocking the roadway and a police rotation is requested by a San Marcos Police officer with Will Tow arriving on scene, expect to be gouged on a regulated tow fee. William Capp, the owner of Will Tow has a history of charging in excess of the City Ordinance regulated fee schedule, even in the presence of a police officer on scene.

As with other tow companies approved by to be on the San Marcos Police Department Rotation List, some like Will Tow, Rios Towing and Comal Towing have been allowed by SMPD Chief Stapp to take advantage of vehicle owners and lien holders by charging unauthorized fees with impunity. These continuing incidents prove the police department has failed to protect their own taxpayers, tourists, college students and the general public from predatory towing practices, especially since San Marcos is the third fastest growing city in the nation.

Can’t expect the Texas Department of Licensing & Regulations to do anything with their licensees, given the fact they only handout written reprimands or $1 fines with payment plans.

In the latest complaint from a vehicle operator to the Tow Hotline, 512-680-3190, the victim states;

They picked up my vehicle at 12:42 a.m. on 04/26/2016. The officer on scene denied my daughter the right to call her own wrecker because he had already called in a rotation. When Will Tow’s driver arrived, he informed my daughter that the total tow bill was going to be $168.20 while in the presence of the officer. The driver refused to produce a written invoice upon request of the vehicle owner. He stated “I don”t have a paper receipt, we will email you a receipt later.”STATE LAW REQUIRES A TOW TRUCK RECEIPT BE PROVIDED TO THE CUSTOMER AT THE TIME OF PAYMENT”.

According to the San Marcos City Ordinance Section 90.291 Limits on fee amounts: ¬† there is absolutely no mileage allotment allowed. Yet as is evident by the attached invoice, Will Tow’s driver overcharged by $18.20 for 2.6 miles @ $7.00 a mile. According to 90.253, the Police Chief or his designee¬†can request an audit of invoices from any tow company at any given time. Will Tow’s invoices should be audited to see if there are more overcharges for mileage, since he entered the police wrecker rotation list.

Chief Chase Stapp stated before, as Chief of Police, “HE” would not allow any tow company to take advantage of the public, especially targeting the students and faculty of Texas State University. Unfortunately, that can’t be an accurate statement because just the opposite has continued unabated, as the dishonest tow companies have burned the public to many times to count, as they have zero respect for State Law, much less a City Ordinance, the police department, refuses to enforce.

These continued predatory abuses by dishonest tow companies and the police department refusing to enforce the law gives the appearance to the Public their police department is in bed with a bunch criminals for profit..

Will Tow receipt that was emailed to the customer several days later is featured below:

Download (PDF, 141KB)

Download PDF
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