While at the Storage Facility and Afterward

Keep all the paperwork you are given at the storage facility, as these documents will be required upon filing complaints and providing to the Court for the Tow Hearing. Make sure the documents are legible. Do not sign any documents at the storage lot, as the State of Texas says they cannot refuse to release a vehicle after payment is ,made for refusing to sign their business documents.

It’s asked while walking to your vehicle inside the storage facility, to take video or photographs of other vehicles that have windows down that are not tarped. Walk around your vehicle to video or photograph any damage, be sure to check under the front and back of the vehicle for broken air dams or bent tie rods from your vehicle being dragged upon a rollback when your vehicle in park. Be sure to check your tires for flat spots by rubbing the palm of your hand over the tire tread for flat spots caused from dragging your vehicle in park, as shown in the video.

Once you get home or back to work, file a complaint against the vehicle storage facility or employee should you encounter any problems, since you have already been inconvenienced. The Texas Department of Licensing & Regulations will investigate your complaint with video or photo.

Go back to the parking lot you were towed from to take pictures of the towing signs posted, then email them and the documents you were given at the storage facility.

Submit all photos of the tow signs, where they are posted, copies of all paperwork and videos to texastowingcompliance@outlook.com so we can tell if you have a valid case and what violations to include when you file the four TDLR complaints.


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