What you must do when you discover your vehicle has been towed or charged a drop or boot fee

Photographs or video to be taken.    Key Issues

  1. Take three photographs using your cell phone of the tow sign that should be posted at the driveway entering the parking facility. Be sure the photo is taken up close so the text can be read.
  2. Stand across the street or in the median and take two photographs looking directly at all the driveways entering or exiting the parking facility.  These photographs must show the width of the driveway at the street or alley.  The tow sign cannot be posted no farther than 25’ from the street, no lower than 5′ from the ground or higher than 8′, facing you when entering and in these photographs should show the sign if posted in the correct location.
  3. Take two photographs of the parking space your vehicle was towed from when there is no vehicle in the parking space.
  4. If your vehicle was stickered, take an up close photograph of the sticker so the text can be read.
  5. Take multiple photographs of all the tow signs posted inside the parking facility or if the tow sign is mounted on the gate or fence.
  6. On the next business day, you will need to use your smart phone or a recording device when you go speak to or call the property manager or parking facility owner or business owner.  There is no need to talk with anyone else during these recorded conversations.

You will have to develop your own strategy to get these questions answered.

Questions to ask that must be recorded on cellphone w/app “Automatic Call Recorder” that can find in the Play Store.

Property Manager or Business Owner: “Did you provide the towing company written notice your staff installed the tow signs”

Property Manager: If they say no, then ask, “Who did install the tow signs, including those underneath the carports, if applicable.

Maintenance Workers: “Did you put that orange warning sticker on my vehicle”, if they say “no”, ask who did and should you take it seriously.

After gathering all of this required evidence, either file the request for a tow hearing or file a small claims suit for the statutory violations at a Justice of the Peace Court against the parking facility, the property owner and the property management company, not the tow company.

After you gather all the evidence, file two online complaints with the Texas Department of Licensing & Regulations against the tow company license which ends in the letter “C” and the tow truck operator’s license.

Once you get these complaints filed, print the last page that contains the “track” number and send an email to enforcement@tdlr.texas.gov. In the Subject Line, type “Track (whatever the number is)” Documentation and attached all the evidence you gathered to the email. Doing this will for sure get both the Tow Company and the Tow Truck Operator fined several thousands of dollars. If you ever have any questions,do not hesitate to call 512-680-3190 – 24/7.

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