We Know Texas Towing Compliance Makes a Difference – Victim Testimonial

From Chasidy Sargent in Houston,

These guys are phenomenal, my car was towed in my own apartments because I parked in visitors, there were no other available spaces for me to park. Needless to say I’m pregnant with twins so it’s a hassle for me as it is. I begged the staff in my apartments to release my car because I didn’t have the money nor did I see any wrong in what I did. I came home distraught then got on Google looking for help and I found Texas Towing Compliance. He listened to my story and pointed out so many flaws so quick, I knew he was the real deal, he walked me through everything I needed to do, exactly what kind of pictures I needed to take and before I knew it, I had received a call from the owner of the tow company saying he is releasing my vehicle… they are the real deal and don’t play games, words can’t explain how much I appreciate Pat, he is a life saver.

Thank You So Much,

Tow Company: Parking & Towing Experts has ceased towing from this apartment complex until the property is legal to tow vehicles from, as the designated visitor parking spaces were not marked in both the front and rear of each spaces marked, VISITOR in the back only.

A legally marked restricted parking space under Occupations Code 2308.305 must be marked in the front and rear of the space, the most carports in apartment complexes have the space number over the top of the vehicle underneath the carport cover, this area is over the 7′ maximum height. Therefore the space marking should be found on the curb stop, curb or on the pavement in the front and rear as shown below.

A legal restrictive parking space


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