Vehicle Damage Due to Improperly Towed Vehicle

It is not uncommon to find your vehicle damaged after being towed without your consent, as some tow truck operators, due to the nature of their job, fail to perform each towing operation with honesty, trustworthiness, integrity in a safe and competent manner.

Its not uncommon for a Southwest Tow Operator member tow truck operator to falsify a tow ticket stating the damage they caused as prior damage, as in the case where an Austin based J&J Towing driver destroyed the transmission of a Toyota Prius dragging it in gear across the parking lot.

Never expect a good answer after filing a damage claim with a tow company as its just a stall tactic. Should a vehicle owner or operator discover their vehicle damaged, call the police to come to the storage lot to document the damage or theft prior to leaving the storage facility and give you an offense report to document it.

Always document the damage with your cellphone camera prior to leaving the storage or parking lot as well as the tow company will deny they did it, as most are pathological liars due to the nature of predatory towing.

Demand the tow company’s insurance information prior to leaving the storage lot, they are required by State Law to provide it to file a claim for damage. Should they or the storage facility refuse to provide proof of insurance, call your local police department to respond.


Call the Texas Department of Licensing & Regulations at: Telephone: (512) 463-6599
Toll-Free (in Texas): (800) 803-9202
Fax: (512) 463-9468
Relay Texas-TDD: (800) 735-2989

Give the TDLR Customer Service Rep the tow company name and they will provide you the insurance policy number only, which requires another call to the Texas Department of Insurance at (800) 252-3439

The public should remember insurance companies tend to take the word of a vehicle owner while at times will take the word of high premium paying tow company as well.

Should you encounter difficulties in get your vehicle fixed, you can always file the Small Claims Court Statutory Violation Lawsuit against the tow company AND landowner the vehicle was towed from for damages, which tend to be awarded.

But if a tow truck operator damages your vehicle, you want to make sure to file the TDLR complaint against the tow truck operator for performing tow operations without honesty, integrity and trustworthiness so he/she may be issued a $1000 fine.

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