UT-Austin Students Targeted by J&J Towing for Profit Sharing w/Property Managers

Influencing Peddling & Cash = Corruption

99% of all towing taking place in West Campus by J&J Towing is illegal, plain and simple, due to illegal tow signs. 99% of all drop fees across Austin are illegal as well, due to illegal tow signs posted. It’s a known fact, that J&J Towing, based on their 30 year history, give kickbacks to every property manager around town, as a token of their appreciation to tow your vehicles from their properties.

All of this behavior is illegal and college students should not let them get away with taking your parent’s money, to gain the release of their vehicles, which they give you to drive while attending college.

Do college students think their parents are pleased when they see repeated charges ($200+) on their credit cards to a tow company or vehicle storage facility?

We know for a fact, if your parents knew their vehicles were illegally towed, they would be mad as hell as they are paying their hard-earned money into a Ponzi Scheme, getting nothing in return, because their family member doesn’t care because mom and pop are paying the bills.

We know, based on many calls from parents around the United States that send their children to Texas for college, would challenge these predators knowing they could recover every dime, stolen from them.

The primary reason, all towing, regardless the reason, by J&J Towing, is illegal, is due to the tow signs bearing, J&J Towing – 512-462-2244, are not compliant with State Law. They might look like every other tow sign around town, but the J&J tow signs are missing statutory text and verbiage, which makes their tow signs illegal and Travis County Justice of the Peace Susan Steeg (Longhorn graduate) agrees.

J&J Towing Judgement for illegal towing due to illegal tow signs and not posted correctly

J&J Towing Judgement for illegal towing due to illegal tow signs and not posted correctly

We realize college students don’t have the time, to get their parent’s money back after their or your vehicle has been towed by J&J Towing. Therefore, our preferred attorney, Richard Michael, will do this for both college students and their parents, with zero upfront legal fees.

It’s quite simple, take an up close picture of the tow sign, which cannot be posted any farther than 25′ of the street, which must be facing the driver when entering. (the sign must be aimed towards the middle of the driveway at the street so it’s facing the driver, not the street)

2nd view back gate no signs 11.22.08

The above photo must be taken this way, so it clearly shows how wide the driveway is at the street.

Illegal J&J Sign 1.31.16

Per the Texas Occupations Code 2308.301(b)(5)(A), this sign above is not legal and any towing taking place where these tow signs of J&J Towing are illegal tows, which entitles the vehicle owner or operator to collect $1000 plus three times what you paid to retrieve you vehicle or paid a tow truck operator a drop fee. The majority of the tow signs bearing J&J Towing’s name are illegal because they lack the statutory text and verbiage.

J&J Tow Sign states: Unauthorized Vehicles Will Be Towed at Owner or Operator Expense, but state law requires the sign to state: “Unauthorized Vehicles Will Be Towed At Owner‘s or Operator‘s Expense”.

On another note, the parking facility were J&J’s tow signs are posted, is required to provide written notice to J&J Towing, the “parking facility” has installed a legal sign and based on previous lawsuits filed against parking facilities, none of them have this document, in addition, they testified J&J installed the sign on the green posts at no charge, another statutory violation 2308.401, that states: a parking facility owner may not directly or indirectly accept anything of value from the tow company in connection with the removal of the vehicle. (financial kickback)

Additional proof that J&J Towing is providing something of value to the parking facility are those warning stickers placed on vehicles for expired tags, flats, on jacks etc, as shown below;

J&J Warning Sticker

Without a doubt any Small Claims Court lawsuits filed in Travis County JP 3, regardless where towed from, is an easy win, as it only takes one violation to collect.  But there is more violations, as when you arrive at J&J’s storage lot at 3506 Darby Street, without a doubt your rights will be violated.

J&J VSF Receipt

The release document must provide the name of the person, not the name of parking facility, per Occupations Code 2308.454, which is a statutory violation which you will collect. Your vehicle could be legally towed, but if they do not provide them required information, you will collect under 2308.404.

Always ask for the person’s VSF (vehicle storage facility) license (shown below), they have no choice in this issue, as they must display it so you can write their name, license number and expiration date. When you walk up to the release at J&J’s storage lot, when they ask you what vehicle you are there to pickup, your response should be, I want to see your vehicle storage facility license, if they refuse to show it, call 911.

Under no circumstance should you sign any paperwork given to you while at J&J’s Storage Lot unless you want to become a victim of identity theft. If they refuse to release your vehicle without signing their paperwork, call 911 as the police have been instructed to issue a citation to the J&J employee.

Download (PDF, 60KB)

The best thing about filing these lawsuits instead of a tow hearing (lying is permissible), is a vehicle owner or operator is not required to prove negligence on behalf of the parking facility, booting company,towing company or vehicle storage facility.

Since the majority of the public does not know anything about filing lawsuits to get the money your entitled to, the Law Office of Richard Michael, will pay the filing the fees and split the award 50/50 and collect your money. So you pay once, then get a check for damages, it’s that simple.

Don’t forget to file the “Tow Victim Incident Report” if your towed or charged a drop fee, so we can forward it to the Texas Department of Licensing & Regulations.

Join Texas Towing Compliance, it free and after educating yourself, you will know your rights when your being scammed and what to do afterwards….

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