UPDATE: Priority Towing & Recovery To Be Paying TDLR Soon

Priority Towing & Recovery

Anybody whose been towed by Priority Towing & Recovery from a parking lot anywhere in Brazos County without your consent, you’re in for a landfall.  These folks believe they are above the law and TDLR regulations, but soon they will learn they are not.

We received a call on the hotline earlier from a vehicle owner who had his right violated while this company’s vehicle storage facility, and because of their behavior,which was recorded, they should expect to have TDLR investigator come visit them soon, as complaints will be filed later today.

As with most vehicle storage facilities, they outright refuse to display their VSF license to a vehicle owner when requesting to see and refuse to release vehicles after payment has been submitted unless their paperwork is signed. Both of these violations per the TDLR fine matrix carries a $1000 fine.

This article will be updated later today after the victim completes the Tow Victims Incident Report, which will be forwarded to TDLR Enforcement.

These predatory tow companies think in their pea-sized brains they can getaway with ripping people off, but when victims contact us, their accounts suffer the financial damage and TDLR will have the opportunity to examine their business, something tow company owners dread.

It’s extremely important to file all four TDLR complaints if your vehicle is towed away or if your charged an unauthorized drop fee. Subscribing to Texas Towing Compliance ensures your know your rights!


UPDATE: January 24, 2016

We have received a dozen or more complaints on the statewide Tow Victims Hotline (512-680-3190) reference this company. With the evidence, secret recordings of property managers and employees at their storage facility in Bryan provided in the Tow Victim Incident Report.

There is sufficient evidence to successfully sue those property management companies and landowners around the College Station/Bryan for damages per Texas Occupations Code 2308.404 where Priority Towing & Recovery tows from.

15 TDLR complaints have already been filed as well for documented violations, such as burglarizing locked vehicles in apartment complex parking lots with evidence, emailed to TDLR ENFORCEMENT.

It’s wise to subscribe to Texas Towing Compliance, as if you don’t know your rights, you have no rights when you encounter a dishonest tow truck operator or vehicle storage facility employee who demand your signature, as in most cases, to commit identity thefts since you just gave them your personal information.

It’s highly recommended that vehicle owners, operators and parents read the Texas Vehicle Storage Lot Procedures prior arriving and keep your smartphones on this page during your face to face encounter.

It will do no good to call the Bryan Police Department when issues arise at their storage, so record all contact, take plenty of photos and under no circumstance sign their business paperwork or tow ticket. Remember this is state licensed storage facility and they cannot tell you can’t record any interaction nor not see their VSF Employee License, so you can either take a picture of it or write their information down from viewing it.

The Bryan Police Department does not have the right to force anyone to sign any tow company nor vehicle storage facility documents, nor do they have legislative authority to tell a vehicle storage facility they can hold your vehicle until you sign after payment has been submitted.

Regarding TDLR complaints; from the time you enter to pay their charges until you drive away after inspecting your vehicle for damage and signs of your vehicle be burglarized by one their drivers (your being charged for the inventory your vehicle”, so your entitled to a copy of it. IF YOU DISCOVER DAMAGE OR DISCOVER YOUR CONTENTS IN DIS-RAY INSIDE YOUR VEHICLE prior to opening the vehicle, CALL 911 and get an offense report number, as TDLR needs it for their investigation, prior to leaving their property. Jury Trials also available for Courts where the Judge can’t be trusted to rule on the letter of the law, instead of the size of the campaign donation disguised as bribes for favorable rulings. More and more Judges have been diagnosed with Black Robe Disease.

Record everything, audio & video.

Take a friend with you, so they also record everything, as they all lie when before a Judge since lying is permissible in Tow Hearings.

After you leave their storage facility, send those recordings with photographs of their paperwork, front and back to enforcement@tdlr.texas.gov with the Subject matter as “COMPLAINT”.

oil spill

To report oil spills within their storage facility, email that complaint with photos/video to cmplaint@tceq.texas.gov. Should the spill be larger than 10′ in diameter, immediately call the TCEQ 24HR Spill Response Line at 800-832-8224. (always check for this reason, as getting them nailed for an oil spill with get fined 10 times what you paid them)

Don’t forget to provide your contact information in the complaint email, so you can receive updates and the name with phone number to the investigator assigned your complaint.

To find a tow company anywhere in Texas, call or text the Texas Tow Victims Hotline at 512-680-3190 and we will refer you to a tow company who not will dispatch a convicted felon or a registered sex offender to assist you and your family stranded on the side of the road or your home.

driver leaning over in car after unlocking it with burglar tool

(driver leaning over in car after unlocking it with burglar tool)

The Texas Department of Licensing & Regulation is ordered by the Legislature to issue state Occupations Licenses to murderer, baby killers, rapists, burglars, thieves, drug addicts, drug dealers, con artist, drunk drivers, all convicts recently paroled from prison.

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