Towing Terrorism by Atlas Towing Targeting San Antonio Metroplex

Anyone who drives or owns any type of vehicle in the San Antonio metroplex are advised, if your vehicle is towed or attempted to be towed, without your permission by Atlas Towing & Recovery, your being scammed without a doubt. The BS $500 fine the six TDLR commissioners gave the owner of Atlas earlier this week, over objection of TDLR prosecutors and the Administrative Law Judges who sought a $4000 fine and full revocation of Atlas’ tow company license for a year, is an injustice to citizens of San Antonio.

90% of the red and white tow signs that bear this company’s name do not in any shape or form comply with State Law because they fail to state: “UNAUTHORIZED VEHICLES WILL BE TOWED AT OWNER’S OR OPERATOR’S CONSENT”.  The owner of Atlas thinks he’s above the Law by adding words to this phrase, fails to post legal signs within 25′ of the street, not facing the driver when entering and tows vehicles for expired registration/inspections stickers without obtaining proof the property manager mailed the vehicle owner a Certified Letter allowing ten (10) days prior to towing.

The actions of the TDLR Commissioners in the Atlas case is no different from these people giving Deloach with Bexar Towing a $1 fine when caught overcharging hundreds of vehicle owners, instead of the proposed $98K fine, he deserved.

All of the tow signs below are illegal and the Law Office of James Meyrat will make your day after you pay for your vehicle after being towed or charged a drop fee by the thieves at Atlas Towing & Recovery.

Below is what a legally worded tow sign must look like, as you can see it doesn’t have added words as Atlas’ illegal tow signs above.

tow sign example

The above photo is an example of what the Texas Department of Licensing & Regulations require by State Law, Occupations Code 2308.301 and 302, provided to all tow companies to use. There is no other version of the wording, letter size or sign layout as shown above.

So form your own opinion, does Atlas’ tow signs even look the sign TDLR tells towers to buy and provide to parking facilities prior to towing vehicles?

Another issue, with regards to complaints of vehicle owners after their vehicle being towed by these thieves, is damage to their vehicles, that weren’t there prior to being towed.

These damage photos are exactly the reason that a vehicle owner while inside the fence at Atlas’ Storage Lot after paying and before leaving, check their vehicle for damage. If  you discover damage, call SAPD at 210-207-7273 to request an officer arrive at the storage facility for an information and/or damage report with their tow company liability policy number.

If you fail to follow these steps and leave Atlas’ Storage Lot, without a doubt they will call you a liar and deny any and all responsibility claiming they use damage free equipment. Use your cellphone to document the damage and the tow signs posted from where you entered the parking facility”. 85% of the property managers who are members of the San Antonio Apartment Association accepted something of value in connection with the removal of your vehicle from Atlas and Bexar towing, as bribery is the key to their thriving tow businesses….

It’s in your hands now since you know the scams Atlas Towing & Recovery is pulling on the public in San Antonio and whatever action one chooses to stop the tow of your vehicle, is your own personal choice!

Complaints do matter, so please file the TDLR COMPLAINTS and email SAPD Detective Arcuri.

Stay informed, join Texas Towing Compliance, as if do not know your rights, you have no rights!

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