Tow Victim Incident Report

Victim Incident Report

Step 1

Victims Information

Step 2

Information about the Tow Company/Storage Facility/Parking Facility involved in the Incident.
****NOTE: TDLR license Number needs to include VSF Employee, Booting Employee****
****NOTE: Total Amount Paid to needs to include Boot Fees****

Step 3

Information about the Incident Location. (Where the Victim's Vehicle was Towed/Booted or Charged a Drop Fee From)

Step 4

Almost Done. Please send us links to your pictures and/or video or upload them to our site so that we can post them with your story.

Step 4a

We cannot use videos posted to facebook or other non-video publishing sites. If you do not wish to provide links to 3rd party sites where your images, documents or videos are hosted and would prefer to upload them directly to TTC please use the file upload forms below. You can attach multiple files to each upload. Please remember not to make any of your uploads larger than 32MB. To add more upload links click in +add button below.
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