Tow Companies Getting Burned With Auto Return Contract

There is no doubt, of all the 40 tow companies who responded to APD Rotation calls prior to the Auto Return contract being awarded, many of the 40 are not getting their fair share of calls. We knew this was going to happen prior to Council action awarding a contract that was rigged from the start.  What we have is a classic example of bid rigging that lined the pockets of city employees, senior ranking members of APD and elected officials.

cash to tow your vehicle

Not every tow company has the financial ability to purchase well over $10M in new tow trucks within a time span of 4 months, except the two whom were previous tow contractors for the City of Austin who raked in millions of dollars on the backs of the citizens and tourists of Austin, Texas.

Nowhere else but Austin, Texas can you knowingly bribe elected officials, police officers and city employees with cash for favorable actions that makes bidders millionaires!

As it is now, you have AusTex and Southside rollbacks positioned around the City around the clock that enables them to be on scene quicker than John Q Tow Service who has no chances of making an accident scene before the others.

Austin City Council Member Gregorio Cesar made the commitment to all of the tow companies the day the contract was awarded, that if they weren’t allowed to participate, the Council would cancel the contract.

Now is your time Council Member Cesar, to make good on your promise.

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