The Van Horn Con Artist A&A Repair Fined $9800 by TDLR

Robert Alvarado R&R Repair

A&A Repair in Van Horn, Texas is a prime example why the Texas Department of Licensing & Regulations should set the maximum Incident Management Tow Fees for the entire state. This company conducts tow, vehicle storage facility and roadside service operation without honesty, integrity and trustworthiness and all major trucking companies would be wise NOT to call this company for anything period.

R&R Repair

According to an email from Penske Fleet Leasing, one of their customers enroute to El Paso broke down and these crooks arrived to tow it to their repair shop, then charged them $780 which included the tow, fuel tank flush and a fuel pump. Once their tractor was repaired, the driver didn’t make it 25 miles down the road until smoke began billowing out the back and oil gushing out down the side of the engine AND  realized that none of the gauges work now (gas, temp, oil pressure … they must have disconnected them to put the electronic fuel pump on and didn’t reconnect).

R&R Repair Shop

The driver turns around and returns to A&A Repair in Van Horn where they put an oil cap on, didn’t even bother putting oil in it and told me the gauges might not have worked when they got it. THEY ALL WORKED FINE WHEN THEY GOT IT.

The truck sat there for TWO DAYS and no work done on it and they had NO intention of working on it.

Penske sent a mechanic to Van Horn to fix the truck so it could be driven and called his supervisor to report that the 5 or 6 Mexicans who work there, just sat around, staring, talking and laughing at them while they fixed it.  At the end of the day, the negligence of A&A repair cost the Penske and the trucking company $3000.

Then Penske files the TDLR complaints which were investigated that revealed some serious violations and because of the shady business practices of Robert Alvarado, TDLR lowers the boom and issued them an administrative fine of $9800 for the following reasons:


Company: A & A REPAIR
Zip Code: 79855

License #: 549186vsf

Complaint # VSF20140009631

Date: 12/5/2015

Respondent is assessed an administrative penalty in the amount of $9,800.

Respondent failed to ensure that VSF employees had completed an annual drug test; Respondent failed to secure vehicles in the VSF to prevent theft; Respondent failed to use plastic or canvas tarpaulins to ensure the impoundment of the vehicle; Respondent failed to send the required notice to law enforcement for an abandoned vehicle;) Respondent failed to issue notification to a vehicle’s owner and all recorded lien holders within fourteen days of receipt of a stored vehicle registered out of state; Respondent failed to issue notification to a vehicle’s owner and all recorded lien holders within five days of receipt of a stored vehicle registered in this state; Respondent provided notice of rights to a vehicle owner which failed to include all of the required information; Respondent failed to have the VSF completely enclosed with a six foot fence; Respondent wrote over the date the vehicle was stored on an invoice; Respondent failed to notify consumer and service recipients of all required Department information.

This is excellent example why everyone towed by any tow company in Texas or conducted business at a Vehicle Storage Facility should file the TDLR complaints, instead of filing complaints with the Better Business Bureau if you expect a positive outcome.

Being such A&A Repair are members of the Southwest Tow Operators, their business ethics is what one can expect of being a member of Jess Horton’s business philosophy.of SCREWING the PUBLIC!


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