The Thieves of Austin Booted Out of San Antonio, Texas

San Antonio SkylineThe sun is shining brighter in San Antonio as Riverwalk Towing (Frank Sapp) and Assured Towing have lost key contracts that kept them afloat for the past couple years.

According to sources who know, Frank Sapp (J&J Towing owner) who also owned Riverwalk Towing lost 98% of their San Antonio income when Central Parking Systems cancelled their contract due to hundreds of complaints regarding predatory towing practices and dishonesty, after their contract was cancelled, Sapp made the decision to close Riverwalk and concentrate on taking advantage of the public in Austin, Texas. Although Sapp closed shop in San Antonio, he still has to deal with the fallout of all the TDLR complaints filed by both vehicle owners and the San Antonio Police Department’s Vehicle Crimes Unit.

In another turn for the worst, for Les Juliano and Jess Horton, the City of San Antonio has chose to drop Assured Towing as their Police Department tow contractor, a big loss of income ($75K+ a month), which most expect Assured to be out of San Antonio soon because of the lack of private property towing business, dominated by Bexar Towing, Atlas Towing & Recovery (TDLR seeks to revoke their tow company license), Creswell’s Wrecker Service and Texas Towing.

It couldn’t come at a better time for Juliano, Horton and Messina considering the new tow trucks and rollbacks they bought this year.

Between the San Antonio Police Department, the Texas Department of Licensing & Regulations and Texas Towing Compliance, these predatory tow companies targeting the public by towing vehicles without probable cause, can expect an expensive future in paying TDLR fines, property managers arrested and civil lawsuits against their accounts for statutory violations and theft liability lawsuits.

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