The Public & Local Tow Companies Screwed With AutoReturn/APD Contract

Last night, members of the Austin Towing Association met with Ron Perry of Auto Return and Detective Thomas Ballard to discuss the 24 page contract they expected local tow companies, who want to haul vehicles for APD.

Since the day the Auto Return contract was awarded by City Council, Bobby New, Henry “Shorty” Jones and Billy Davenport because instant millionaires due to their heavily lobbying with council members and the Austin Police Department, who Bobby New claims to have in his back pocket, considering the hundred of police officers he’s rewarded with expense fishing trips and hunting expeditions.

Just to give the public some idea of the requirements placed on local tow companies under Auto Return, that most will not be able to meet due to the financial constraints, that only millionaires can afford, read the contract that Bobby New agreed to below:

Download (PDF, 255KB)

Ron Perry with Auto Return gave the appearance he could care less what the Austin Towing Association thought, because they already chose the three tow companies they wanted due to the fact the three obtained all of the required tow tucks by the time the contract was awarded. That was only because the bid was rigged

Paying Bribes for Votes

Download PDF
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