The Bulldozer Theft & Storage Conspiracy by Davis & Rash of Houston, Texas


UPDATE: MAY 30, 2016  It’s official, both credit card charges to get their stolen bulldozer back have been disputed with their credit card issuer, so both of companies are out of luck and criminal charged are being today.


What might have been a great opportunity in the mind of criminal with a tow truck operator’s license to make some extra money, then just bill the insurance company for the “so-called recovery cost” involving a property owner who knew nothing about the required notification to the equipment owner, has just mushroomed into a nightmare. The photo above is bulldozer involved in this fraud, stolen from private property in Montgomery County, Texas by Priority Towing of Houston owned by Joe Davis and held for ransom by Best Auto Storage, owned by Jeanette Rash.

Joe Davis claims the owner of the bulldozer gave him permission to remove the bulldozer, but according to the owner, that simply is not true, as Joe Davis took it upon himself to send a 40 ton tow truck to Spring to spend 12 hours playing in the mud, turning an upright bulldozer upside down, causing damage to it, then decided to take (steal) it to Houston and placed it into storage at his close friend, Jeanette Rash’s storage facility at 6125 Industrial Way, Best Auto Storage until the insurance company paid his bill he submitted.

But remember, none of this was authorized in writing from Tony Ruiz, the bulldozer owner, as Joe Davis wanted this bulldozer for his business, Priority Towing.

This is a classic example of construction equipment theft, but it gets better… once the insurance company receives a fraudulent invoice for $8707.58 from Joe Davis, red flags are raised and refuses to pay that ridiculous charge for a tow fee, a nonconsent tow fee at that…but Joe Davis claims law enforcement was not called…it was a personal tow…whatever… so the insurance company decides to total out the bulldozer for $12,000 and sells it back to the original owner..that never gave Joe Davis written consent to damage, remove and place into storage in the first place...

In an effort to get his bulldozer back, the storage facility operated by Jeanette Rash states the charges must be paid, $7K in cash and no more than $700 on a credit card, the only problem with this method, is State Law was changed to require a vehicle storage facility to accept all forms of payment…something Mrs Rash was not pleased with…  so.. I make a recorded conference call to the storage facility with the owner of bulldozer to learn about these charges they are demanding… once Best Auto Storage answers the phone, I identified myself with Texas Towing Compliance and the issue at hand….the female attendant places me on hold briefly, then returns to say the entire amount can be paid with a credit card….  a rush of relief to the person driving from Huntsville caught in traffic with $7K in cash since the owner of the bulldozer was already there and had been well over the required release with an hour’s notice…

When Troy Ruiz, the bulldozer owner asked for an itemized list of charges prior to paying, the storage facility employee told Troy Ruiz he would need to contact Joe Davis with the tow company for that information, although the tow ticket, as required with all vehicles, tractors, etc delivered to a vehicle storage facility without the owner’s consent, must provide their tow ticket to the storage facility, something Best Auto Storage, either didn’t do, a statutory violation…  Best Auto Storage was very deceptive from the beginning, as their involvement in this purported insurance fraud was deepening..

For whatever reason, Troy Ruiz’s credit card would only approve $5000 of the $8707.58 and his partner Mark arrived to pay the remaining balance with his credit card, which was taken by the vehicle storage facility employee and not returned until a Houston Police officer was called to make them give Mark’s credit card back after the balance was approved…. To make matters worse for Joe Davis and Jeanette Rash, a member of the Texas Towing, Storage & Booting Advisory Board for the Texas Department of Licensing & Regulations, once payment was submitted, the storage facility refused to provide the VSF receipt, copy of the Priority Towing receipt that showed the charges and a copy of Priority’s Non-consent Tow Fee Schedule… all Troy and Mark were provided was the receipt below, even though the VSF processed the payment….and was told to email them further verification the bulldozer belong to them…


Two complaints were filed with TDLR already (Priority TRACK0064706 ) (Best Auto Storage TRACK0064707) and as soon as the credit card charges are processed, both will be disputed, basically leaving Joe and Jeanette empty-handed after going to so much trouble to engage in organized criminal activity for profit-sharing between themselves, is proof alone why Houston Mayor Turner should ban Jeanette Rash and Joe Davis from participating in Safe and Clear

And that is the end of the story…but they plan on filing criminal charges for the outright theft of their bulldozer and notify the Houston Police Department Auto Dealers Detail since they regulate storage facilities at the local level.

Happy Memorial Day!!!

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