The Austin Police Department Puts Storage Facilities on Notice

Last night and mostly everyday, citizens are calling 911 reference J&J demanding they sign their paperwork after payment has been made, prior to gaining the release of their vehicles.

The incident last night dealt with two issues, (1) J&J mailed the Certified Letter for the Expired Registration/Inspection Stickers for the property manager (2308.402 violation) and (2) requiring everyone to bow to their demands if they wanted their vehicle after submitting payment, they must sign their paperwork.

Both of these issues carries criminal penalties, the public is fully aware their rights have been violated and when an APD patrol responds, it makes the matter even worse as the officers are supporting J&J (Criminal Organization) by taking sides with J&J and telling the public it is civil matter when in fact it is criminal as well.

At a recent towing association meeting, Ballard told those tow company owners present they cannot force someone to sign their paperwork after has been made.

Every vehicle owner or operator are instructed to do the same thing regardless where the storage facility is located… Texas Storage Facility Procedures

Since the bulk of the illegal towing/storage facility issues involves J&J and they are in Region 3, I would appreciate if Ballard or Atkinson would call the Region 3 Commander so a directive can be given to his officers when these types of 911 calls are placed.
Therefore, today, the Wrecker Unit of APD sent the following bulletin to every Police Commander so when officers respond to 911 calls at vehicle storage facilities because the storage facility employee refuses to release their vehicle because they refuse the sign their paperwork out of concern for Identify Theft after providing a fresh signature.
The public is reminded, under no circumstance should you ever sign a vehicle storage facility’s release documents and should they refuse to release your vehicle, call 911. It is advised to print this bulletin and take it with you when going to the storage lot should  APD have to be called, so you can show it to the officer.
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