Texas Wrecker Operator License Issued Even With Criminally Negligent Homicide Charge

Nothing is surprising anymore with the issuing of Occupations Licenses by the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulations. The most recent shocker by an Austin Police Department Wrecker Enforcement Unit Detective, was an applicant for the City of Austin Wrecker Driver license. This individual was proud of his TDLR Occupation License he was granted, even being charged with Criminally Negligent Homicide and convicted of Aggravated Assault Bodily Injury and Manufacture Controlled Substance with Intent to Distribute convictions.

Unfortunately, for this applicant, he was denied, because the Austin Police Department through a city ordinance, keeps these types of career criminals from coming in contact with citizens in a tow truck.

It’s sad knowing these career criminals can be issued a state license to continue their criminal conduct, using the threat of a tow truck hooked up to a vehicle or just outright steal a vehicle.

How some in the towing industry can sleep at night, knowing they employ career criminals aka murderers, child molesters, burglars, car thieves and serial rapists who prey on the public is totally unacceptable. These towing companies, are giving a black eye to the other towing companies who are obeying the law and providing a needed service to the public and parking facilities.

Now, there is another member of the Towing and Storage Advisory Board for TDLR, that is involved in shady business practices, as breaking into vehicles, driving them to their storage facility, then charging two towing fees to the consumer. They know who they are and they know their latest act was videotaped.

It would only make sense, to have individuals on any type of advisory board, who can say their company obeys the State Law without failing a polygraph.

A warning to parents of college student returning for the spring semester at a college in Texas. Brace yourself for your son or daughter calling for $200+ because their (your) vehicle was towed. With a slowing economy and many loosing their jobs, being burned by a wrecker driver could be the last straw for some people’s financial woes.

Parents who can afford to send their children to higher learning universities, should have an attorney to recoup the towing and storage fees, from parking facilities, that frequently violate State Law, in the form of financial benefits from the towing company.

Example: You pay $300.00 to get your vehicle released, the parking facility could be liable to you for $1200.00 ($300 plus three times the total fee you paid)

Predatory Towing scams happen daily in Texas, only you can do something about it..visit www.texastowingcompliance.com
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