Texas Vehicle Storage Facilities Continue to Abuse Vehicle Owners

Not all, but most vehicle storage facilities across Texas, licensed by the Texas Department of Licensing & Regulations demand signatures, cash only, refuses to allow a vehicle owner to go to their vehicles to get their wallets/purses, refuse to provide the name of the person whom authorized the tow, refuse to provide the insurance information for the tow company who delivered the vehicle to them, refuse to release vehicles after payment has been made unless you sign their business paperwork, refuse to show proof the notification letter was mailed at time of payment when demanding the $50 fee, refuse to display their TDLR VSF employee license, refuse to provide a copy of the nonconsent tow fee schedule for the tow company who towed your vehicle and the list of demands increase daily.

Everything demanded above is totally against the law and most dishonest vehicle storage facility owners will do everything to make your experience miserable.

TDLR has a page on their website reference consumer’s rights, but it has not been updated references the form of payment a vehicle storage facility is required to accept such as, all major credit cards, debit cards, cash and electronic checks, as if a storage facility cannot process a credit card, then all storage related fees stop on that date until they do accept all credit cards.

Because of these ongoing issues, vehicle owners, operators and lien holders are advised to record all contact while attempting to retrieve your vehicle, so when you file the TDLR complaints, you have evidence of them committing the violation.

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