Texas State University Recklessly Violating Texas Towing & Boot Law


Texas State students are being victimized every time their vehicle is booted and towed from campus owned parking facilities. All vehicles towed from or booted on campus owned properties are done so without probable cause and expect no less than $75o each time towed or booted, without a doubt,

Texas State believes they are exempt from State Law, but they are dead wrong.

The tow companies who tow from this campus who refuse to release your vehicle or remove a boot without paying in a campus parking lot due to unpaid parking fines of Texas State are due damages and Attorney Richard Michael (512-554-9411) has zero problems in collecting these damages for you.

There is no legal tow signs period.

TXST parking staff does not hold the required TDLR Booting License.

The Vehicle Storage Facilities operated by the Texas State University’s hired tow companies are illegal holding vehicles for unpaid parking tickets issued by TXST.

Only LAW ENFORCEMENT can place a hold on a vehicle at the Vehicle Storage Facility, and TXST PD stated they are not placing holds on vehicles for unpaid parking tickets.

These illegal actions by TXST officials and the San Marcos tow companies will be costly to them, as a Class Action Lawsuit will be filed on behalf of every TXST student, parent or basically anyone towed or booted at Texas State University and their vehicles held at the vehicle storage facility being charged daily storage fees.

The Texas Department of Licensing & Regulations wants all vehicle owners or operators towed or booted from the Texas State Campus to file a complaint with them, as they will hold the tow companies and vehicle storage facilities responsible for towing and booting vehicles in violation of State Law.

Texas State University’s parking is subject to being sued in addition to TXST for committing violations of the Texas Towing, Storage & Booting Act.

UPDATE: Nov 5, 2015

TDLR Senior Investigator Kotschenreuther went to Will Tow’s storage facility to informed them they cannot hold vehicles for Texas State University Parking due to unpaid parking tickets and if they do, they face license suspension. The San Marcos Police Department Parking Coordinator has zero authority to order a vehicle towed from Texas State property, period, so take her advice with a grain of salt and report her actions to SMPD Commanded Lee Leonard.

Officials at Texas State University are basically engaging in organized criminal activity targeting the student body, parents and anyone else towed by them, regardless the reason!


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