Texas Parking Protections Sold To Highest Bidder – Texas Motorists & Insurance Companies Get Screwed

The issue about where the tow hearing is to be heard by a Judge, as of now, the hearing is held in the precinct that the storage facility is located in.

One of the reasons it changed in the last session of the Legislature was because I was ill much of the session, unable to attend the meetings.

Now, this session being in full swing, I lobbied several members both in the house and senate, because these issues about illegal towing are a nonpartisan, I am sure that every member of the Legislature has heard about tragic event regarding towing in their district.

In the original writing of Rights to Stored Vehicle Owner written by myself in 1995, specially called for the Tow Hearing to be heard in the precinct where the parking facility is located.

The reason for this was to give residents, who are also voters, the right to have their Tow Hearing heard by a Justice of Peace they are given the opportunity to vote for or against. As it now, in the Dallas, Houston, Fort Worth, El Paso, Robstown, McAllen and even here in Austin, towing companies are towing vehicles to another city or different Justice of the Peace jurisdiction.

Its already been proven that several judges that hear towing case are recipients of big campaign contributors from the towing companies, making Tow Courts into money making machines for the towing company’s general counsel and corrupt Judges.

Everyone is encouraged to email, call and write your Texas representatives and urge them to vote against House Bill 338 and return the text to this issue to the original engrossed version.

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