Texas Impound Services LLC – Lisa Anne Phillips Lies & TDLR Is Going After Them

Owner of Criminal Enterprise Texas Impound Services LLC

Owner of Criminal Enterprise Texas Impound Services LLC

Texas Impound Services LLC is by far the worst tow company in Denton County just by the way they talk to people, treating them as if they are dirt, use racial words and vulgarity with vehicle owners and operators attempting to retrieve their vehicle after being wrongfully towed by them.

In the latest incident, involving Gary Phillip’s daughter, Lisa, who should have her mouth washed out with Drano, will cost them big bucks, without a doubt.  This involved two vehicles towed from an apartment complex in Lewisville, with illegal tow signs posted, one vehicle towed for a non-expired registration sticker, the other for merely parking on the parking space stripe.

The owner of one vehicle, who is working out-of-state for her employer is lied to many times by Lisa Foul Mouth, refused to accept the notarized TDLR approved VS011 form, so the daily charges would increase. Lisa Foul Mouth goes on to say in recorded conversation, the vehicle owner was the only person that could claim the vehicle instead of her son even with the notarized VS011 form in hand, the money and his ID.

Then Lisa Foul Mouth has the gall to tell the vehicle owner if the vehicle is seen again at the apartment complex, the vehicle in question, listed on her lease, it will towed again without hesitation, regardless the reason why.

Lisa Foul Mouth assumed slandering Texas Towing Compliance would make a difference, but it backfired on her, after Denton PD was called and arrived at the storage facility, who told her to release the vehicle with the documents being presented or go to Jail, it’s that simple. Because of the actions of Phillip’s daughter, causing the storage fees to increase without a valid reason when the required VS011 TDLR form is notarized, these vehicle owners are pursuing action against Texas Impound Services LLC and the Courts to recovery every dime they are entitled too.

And now TDLR is involved and we already know TDLR still has active investigations against Texas Impound Services LLC in addition to the 45 complaints that were recently investigated that resulted in many violations of State Law.

These incidents are long from being over, as Greystar who manages the apartment complex and the landowner, these vehicles were towed from can expect to be sued in Small Claims Court for Statutory Violations which will be costly as well.

fails to state: Unauthorized Vehicles Will Be Towed at Owner's or Operator's Expense

fails to state: Unauthorized Vehicles Will Be Towed at Owner’s or Operator’s Expense

The tow sign provided by Texas Impound Services LLC DO NOT COMPLY with State Law, TDLR has already told them they do not comply, but the continue to knowingly tow vehicles in violation of State Law which carries a criminal penalty subject to arrest.

The public is reminded to subscribe by email and follow all the guidelines provided by Texas Towing Compliance to ensure your rights are protected when dealing with this criminal enterprise aka Texas Impound Services LLC and to file any tow related causes of action in the Justice Court in Lewisville in Judge Becky Kerbow’s Court… Do not file Tow Hearings in Denton, Judge Holland suffers from Black Robe Disease…


After discovering your vehicle towed protocol

While At the Storage Facility protocol

Towing Hearing protocol


It’s important to remember, the conduct of this company is common being such they are members of the predatory Southwest Tow Operators, whose founder (Dan Messina) teaches other tow companies how to commit workers comp fraud to increase their profits..

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