TDLR Continues March To Shutdown Nick Massey’s Criminal Enterprises

The public in the DFW area are under assault by businesses owned and operated by Nick Massey, which by all accounts are nothing more than criminal enterprises, as Massey in his mind believes he is above the law and refuse to allow TDLR investigators to enter his business office locations for the purpose of investigating the numerous complaints against his operations.

Nick Massey

Regardless why someone is towed by Excalibur or visited Avalon Storage to retrieve their wrongfully towed vehicle, you ALWAYS want to file the two TDLR complaints, one against Excalibur’s tow company license and the other against Avalon Storage facility license. Make sure you send by email, the documentation and photos after filing these two very necessary complaints.

The latest cases filed with the State Office of Administrative Hearings are below:

Download (PDF, 132KB)

Download (PDF, 168KB)

Under no circumstance should you ever sign any paperwork either of these two companies demand you sign after payment has been made unless you want to become a victim of ID Theft and always follow the storage facility procedures.

Should you want to go after the authorizing person who allows these thieves to tow your vehicle, skip the tow hearing and file the Small Claims Court Lawsuit against the property management company, the landowner and leave the tow company out of any court filing.

Download PDF
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