TDLR Chairman & Commissioners Burns Working Texas Families & the Taxpayers of Littlefield, Texas

TDLR Chairman Mike Arismendez was by all mean a bad appointment by Governor Perry to oversee the Texas Department of Licensing & Regulations and Commissioners as his leadership of promoting dishonest tow companies and vehicle storage facilities is outright disgusting.

Gov Abbott needs to stop the destruction of the integrity of TDLR, as Perry’s appointed cronies promote a culture of corruption with the trades they regulate.

The taxpayers of Texas are witnessing firsthand their tax dollars being wasted a big kind of way, when he supports and votes to allow repeat offending licensees to remain in business, issue fines as low as $1 with payment plans to licensees who have burned tens of thousands of citizens and visitors to our state, approved state occupation licenses to child murderers and hardcore felons whom murdered, raped and robbed people who recently released from prison.

Just like at this morning TDLR Commissioners Meeting, Chairman¬†Arismendez was outright nasty in denying a citizen to give their 3 minutes to another public commenters that has been critical of their voting record when it involves fines, license suspension and revocation, not to mention the Chairman’s love for the Southwest Tow Operators whom racked of the most violations of the Texas Towing Storage Booting Law that he plays favoritism to by issuing fines pennies of the dollar, when the agency is requesting fines between $50K and $100k with revocation of their licenses, so they can continue taking advantage of the public.

Just to give the public a better idea of the Chairman’s failed leadership catering to criminals and corrupt tow companies, read these articles, then form your own opinion, then you will understand, the harm Chairman Arismendez is inflicting on state’s economy by allowing dishonest TDLR licensees to target families and the working class in Texas with impunity.

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