TDLR Advisory Board Member’s Company Found Guilty of Stealing Vehicle

Now, every tow company member of the Texas Towing, Storage & Booting Advisory Board has been “busted” by TDLR after an investigation revealed wrongdoing or the Court found them guilty at a Tow Hearing for towing a vehicle from a public street after being issued a parking ticket by the City of Houston Parking Enforcement Division, who didn’t show up in Court.

The latest Advisory Board member to come into the cross hairs of TDLR is Jeanette Rash, whose family owns Fast Tow, after being found guilty before a Harris County Judge for towing vehicles without probable cause, basically stealing vehicles, then demanding a ransom to get it back.

This tow victim like everyone else who is towed without their permission are urged to file the online complaint with the State of Texas, so these companies and employees can be fined thousands of dollars for violating State Law.

A TDLR Tow Truck Operator’s license is a privilege, not a right to rip people off!

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