Auto Return Contractor 620 Lakeside Towing Damages APD Impound

The photo above is a vehicle, impounded by the Austin Police Department after the driver was arrested for Reckless Driving, that Auto Return Contractor 620 Lakeside Towing arrived to load on the wheel-lift of a rollback to be transported to their vehicle storage facility located at 12400 ANDERSON MILL RD, AUSTIN, TX. 78726. The vehicle sustained damage […]

Three Different Tow Companies Caught Towing Without Safety Chains

Our strike teams are watching every tow truck passing through Austin on Interstate 35 for towing vehicles without safety chains, non-working tow lights and failure to keep towed vehicles in the same lane they are traveling. Everyone caught will be videotaped and complaints filed with TDLR to stop this dangerous behavior to keep the roadways […]

AusTex Towing & Recovery Caught 3rd Time Not Using Safety Chains

AutoReturn contractor places public in harm’s way towing a Capitol Metro Bus without safety chains or tow lights down the highway. This is a serious violation of TDLR regulations as should that bus come off the wheel lift, it’s shear death to other motorist on the highway. ALWAYS video tow trucks or rollbacks towing vehicles […]