K & K Towing, A Criminal Conspiracy

For anyone that lives at an apartment, townhouse, HOA, condo or mobile home complex in Jefferson County, Texas, your chances of being a victim of a widespread mail fraud, racketeering and criminal conspiracy at the hands of K&K Towing, owned by Shawna Kreuzer, is as high as being bitten by a mosquito. Based on notarized […]

Action Towing located in League City Caught Lying Before JP McCumber

Action Towing (Southwest Tow Operators Member) out of League City, Texas are crooks worse than some, as Haitham Baqdounes and Kenneth Price, lie cheat, steal and damage vehicles they tow without probable cause, all for the mighty dollar. (common with predatory tow companies who engage in criminal activity) Their butts got kicked in JP McCumber’s […]

Tow Truck Operators & Vehicle Storage Facility Employees Are Clueless

We are now 40K strong and no truck operator or vehicle storage facility employee never knows when the person they are conducting business with is a Strike Team member. Although 394 TDLR licensees (Towing & Storage Programs) have met them firsthand with 138 of them arrested for outstanding warrants when law enforcement has embedded in […]

DPS Stopping Tow Trucks and Rollbacks Failing Use Safety Chains & Straps

Warning to all tow truck drivers regardless the size of a tow truck or rollback, you will be stopped if observed by Texas Department of Public Safety troopers towing a vehicle without both safety chains, wheel straps and operational tow lights no closer than 4-feet apart with a 4″ red tow light. Rollbacks are required […]

Vehicle Damage Due to Improperly Towed Vehicle

It is not uncommon to find your vehicle damaged after being towed without your consent, as some tow truck operators, due to the nature of their job, fail to perform each towing operation with honesty, trustworthiness, integrity in a safe and competent manner. Its not uncommon for a Southwest Tow Operator member tow truck operator […]

Price Gouging on Tow Fees in Flood Disaster Areas

The hotline has been busy this morning with the bulk of the calls regarding price gouging the stated tow fee to motorists stranded on flooded roadways in the Houston area. It’s extremely disappointing, but not surprised that tow truck operators and the companies they work for would take advantage of the public during a disaster. […]

Texas Impound Services LLC Discriminates Against Disabled Applicants

In the latest twist involving one of the many corrupt members of the Southwest Tow Operators, Texas Impound Services in Denton, Texas refuses to hire anyone who is disabled or does not have a “common” first name. Below are comments posted to Facebook by Gary Phillip’s daughter who’s in charge of hiring new employees for […]