Thousands of Vehicles Towed Illegally From Apartment Complexes

Everyday, hundreds of vehicles are towed without legal authority to do so and the public has been duped into believing whatever is posted on the tow sign, their vehicle would be subject to being towed, when in fact it’s a SCAM. The only reasons an unattended vehicle can legally be towed from an apartment complex […]

PPI Companies Be Advised: Undercover Sting Operations

Texas Towing Compliance Strike Teams are conducting undercover sting operations embedded with law enforcement across the State during May, June, July, August, September and October . In our inventory, we have 478 bait vehicles,  nine tractor trailers all equipped with video/audio/GPS, so if you tow one, we will know about it as we are actively conducting […]

TDLR Advisory Board Members Loosing Ground: 2% Rate Increase

At today’s advisory board meeting, it was obvious Joanne Messina, the mouthpiece for the Southwest Tow Operators was not pleased. This should send a message to their organization and the rest of the industry who takes pride in scamming the public with impunity. Christmas for some will bring in a new year they will not […]

The Importance of Filing TDLR Complaints

The only way the public can hold the tow company, tow truck operator, booting operator, vehicle storage facility employee and vehicle storage facility responsible for illegal towing, unauthorized drop fees, abuse while at the vehicle storage facility, refusal to accept MasterCard, Visa, Discover, American Express, Electronic Checks and Cash to pay your vehicle out at […]

Latest Route to Recover from Private Property Towing

Based on recent JP Court rulings across the State of Texas, when contesting the towing of your vehicle from private or public parking facilities, Occupations Code 2308.455  is a key violation to win your tow hearing when the name of the person who authorized the tow is not provided on the release documentation. This goes […]