TDLR Issues More Fines, Keep Pace of Bringing Compliance

The latest round of fines issued by the Texas Department of Licensing & Regulations should send a message to licensees, obey the law or expect to pay! Congratulations to the motoring public for your continued filing of TDLR complaints against licensees who think they are above the law… GARZA, GRACIE GARZA, ISRAEL Company: PAPO’S WRECKER […]

Classic Towing Sets Up Property Managers to Lose in Court

Classic Towing, located in Sugarland, Texas has created a financial nightmare for apartment complexes whom signed a tow contract to enforce parking permits. Matter of fact, 48 complaints have been filed TDLR with more to come for Mr. Bryan Miller’s criminal conduct (2308.405). This is a major “no no” for a tow company licensee, to […]

Strike Team Operations in Austin Lead to $3000 TDLR

We are quite pleased with the men and women of Texas Towing Compliance who serve the citizens of Texas and the millions of visitors. Their ongoing efforts to address predatory towing, law enforcement and city government outreach with the assistance of recommended attorneys to collect damages for violations, are making a big difference. Everyday, somewhere […]

The Thieves of Austin Booted Out of San Antonio, Texas

The sun is shining brighter in San Antonio as Riverwalk Towing (Frank Sapp) and Assured Towing have lost key contracts that kept them afloat for the past couple years. According to sources who know, Frank Sapp (J&J Towing owner) who also owned Riverwalk Towing lost 98% of their San Antonio income when Central Parking Systems […]

Tow Truck Operators & Vehicle Storage Facility Employees Are Clueless

We are now 40K strong and no truck operator or vehicle storage facility employee never knows when the person they are conducting business with is a Strike Team member. Although 394 TDLR licensees (Towing & Storage Programs) have met them firsthand with 138 of them arrested for outstanding warrants when law enforcement has embedded in […]

Strike Team Deployments Completed Statewide

Our strike teams have completed their deployments across the state in some more dangerous environments than others.¬† In total, 482 bait vehicles were towed for the month of June and all were recovered at storage facilities that generated 83 TDLR complaints. Of the 482 vehicles towed, every parking facility had no less than six statutory […]