Feedback From Tow Victims Across Texas

The following comments are from victims of predatory towing across Texas sent via the Texas Towing Compliance website, we encourage all victims provide us feedback reference the mental anguish and hardships you experienced after finding your vehicle was towed away. Jennifer McClellan Hello I came across your website while researching Texas Impound Services. Very unethical […]

Denton’s New Towing Ordinance Conflicts With State Law & Unenforceable

Earlier this week, the Denton City Council voted to update their towing ordinance to address the continuing predatory tow practices. Although the new ordinance is better than what they had, parts of grants companies the right via city ordinance to violate State Law, but if the tow companies, tow tuck operator and vehicle storage facilities […]

Always Confront the Tow Truck Operator Attempting to Tow Your Vehicle

Vehicle owners and operators should always confront the tow truck driver attempting to tow your vehicle without hesitation and say “DO NOT TOW MY VEHICLE”.  DO NOT BOW TO THEIR DEMAND UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES AND REFUSE A RIDE TO AN ATM!!!!!!!!!!! Tow Truck Operators are required to be licensed by the Texas Department of Licensing […]

Parking Permits with Tow Company Name equals $1000 plus treble damages payout

For years, tow companies have provided parking permits and orange warning stickers to property managers as perk to signing a tow contract.  But there is major problem with this perk as it violates State Law, specifically Texas Occupations Code 2308.402 which strictly prohibits the tow company from having a financial interest directly or indirectly in […]