San Marcos Tow Sign Update 2015

As of today, based on Audit Teams of Texas Towing Compliance, only three tow companies in San Marcos are in the process of correcting their tow signs posted at both private and public parking facilities. Southwest Towing, Saucedos Wrecker Service and Phoenix Towing are providing a “legal” tow sign.  All three of these companies have […]

H Town Towing – Criminal Enterprise Targeting Motorists

Don Perry’s H Towing Towing located in Houston, Texas has made zero effort to obey the Texas Towing Law, as their tow signs posted at parking lots throughout the Houston metro area do not meet the minimum requirements of State Law. It’s clearly evident based on the requirement of State Law, Perry’s signs are illegal, […]

Ideal Towing of Stafford, Texas Caught Again Giving Kickbacks

If towed or charged a drop fee by Ideal Towing anywhere in the Houston area, please file all four TDLR complaints against them! Ideal Towing, in Stafford, Texas, also a proud member of the Predatory Southwest Tow Operators, continues to be caught towing vehicles in violation of State Law, while providing kickbacks to property managers […]

Open Letter to TDLR & Licensees for 2015

We would request someone within TDLR contact the Facilities Commission about posting “legal” tow signs at the parking lot your downtown staff parks in as the current tow signage is non-compliant. This alone sends the wrong message to licensees who TDLR continues to issue fines, for towing without legal signs posted, when your own agency […]

TDLR Prosecuting Companies for Tampering with VS011 Form

No more warnings for anyone or company that tampers with a TDLR Government Record, specifically the VS011 Document.  Companies have got away with this issue for a while, but TDLR investigators are verifying all notarized documents and release records at Vehicle Storage Facilities across Texas. This is a serious issue gaining access to a vehicle […]

Another Austin Tow Company Caught Not Using Safety Chains

The latest tow company to be caught towing a vehicle without safety chains attached to the vehicle in tow, is Merino’s Towing Service of Austin. I just don’t understand the thinking of a tow truck operator why its not important to attach these safety chains to the vehicle they are towing. Regardless, this short video […]