How Heavy Duty Tow Trucks Clear the Roadways of Overturned 18 Wheelers

It’s not uncommon these days to be stuck in a traffic jam because of an overturned tractor trailer (18 wheeler) and the majority of the public have no clue how professional tow truck operators clear these accident scenes. Therefore, we have decided to show the public via a video just exactly how this takes place, […]

Storage Facility Threats for Failure To Sign Their Paperwork

When your at the storage facility to retrieve your vehicle, there are several important issues, you, as a vehicle owner, operator or whoever is picking up the vehicle need to know: Upon arrival to the storage facility by yourself or with someone, use a cellphone, digital recorder or camera to record in video/audio the entire […]

Vehicle Damage Due to Improperly Towed Vehicle

It is not uncommon to find your vehicle damaged after being towed without your consent, as some tow truck operators, due to the nature of their job, fail to perform each towing operation with honesty, trustworthiness, integrity in a safe and competent manner. Its not uncommon for a Southwest Tow Operator member tow truck operator […]

Price Gouging on Tow Fees in Flood Disaster Areas

The hotline has been busy this morning with the bulk of the calls regarding price gouging the stated tow fee to motorists stranded on flooded roadways in the Houston area. It’s extremely disappointing, but not surprised that tow truck operators and the companies they work for would take advantage of the public during a disaster. […]

PPI Companies Be Advised: Undercover Sting Operations

Texas Towing Compliance Strike Teams are conducting undercover sting operations embedded with law enforcement across the State during May, June, July, August, September and October . In our inventory, we have 478 bait vehicles,  nine tractor trailers all equipped with video/audio/GPS, so if you tow one, we will know about it as we are actively conducting […]

Capital Tow Ordered to Pay $4,125 Fine for Stealing Vehicles

Company: CAPITAL TOW INC City: FORT WORTH County: TARRANT Zip Code: 76112 License #: 6402293C Complaint # TOW20130017593 Date: 3/19/2015Respondent is assessed an administrative penalty of $4,125. An administrative penalty of $3,000 is assessed for TOW20140000791 and TOW20130017593; and an administrative penalty of $1,125 is assessed for VSF20130018880. Respondent towed a vehicle from a parking […]

Black Bull Towing is Nothing More Than a Criminal Enterprise

The public around the DFW area has every reason to fear Black Bull, as they will steal your vehicle, then force you to pay their ransom to get it released.  The latest predatory towing incident with these thieves happened in Fort Worth, with the towing of many vehicles without a “standing written agreement” to tow […]

More Complaints, More TDLR Fines Issued Across Texas

Thankfully the public is taking the advice of Texas Towing Compliance by recording every conversation with a tow truck operator and while at the storage facility. The public’s efforts are assisting TDLR bring compliance among their licensees and those who are not licensed. The latest TDLR Administrative fine were issued to: Company: BG SIMONS INC […]