Predatory Park Right Solutions Always Damages Vehicles They Tow

There is very good chance your vehicle’s transmission was damaged if towed away by a Park Right Solutions, J&J Towing or Reliant Towing Tow Truck Operator. Front wheel drive vehicles loaded from the front and vehicles with rear wheel drive should always be dollied when the drive axle is on the roadway. Even the vehicle […]

Park Right Solutions Giving Kickbacks to Apartment Complex Managers

Austin based Park Right Solutions is knowingly violating the Texas Towing, Storage & Booting Law by giving something of value to property managers. The issue will cost your property manager, is that Park Right Solutions is mailing the Certified Letter required to tow a vehicle with an expired inspection or registration sticker that allows ten […]

Everyone Towed by J&J Towing Regardless The Reason Due $1600 Minimum

Austin based J&J Towing known for scamming everyone they tow can now collect no less than $1600 for statutory violations.  99% of J&J’s t0w signs posted at parking lot belonging to apartment complexes, condo towers, Central Parking lots or business parking lots are illegal, as they all lack the statutory phrase that must be on […]


Due to the alarming number of Identity Theft offense reports being taken by law enforcement across the State of Texas as a result of signing release documents at a vehicle storage facilities, the public is reminded NOT to sign any document, except for the TDLR Form VS-0111 which must be notarized. Many vehicle storage facilities have […]

Rogue Unlicensed Tow Truck Stealing Vehicles in Austin

The public in Austin, Texas are advised to be on watch out for the white four door Dodge Pickup disguised as a tow truck that is carjacking motorists by forcibly taking vehicles and stealing vehicles from parking lots in broad daylight. Strike Teams intervened earlier today when this Hispanic male was attempting to carjack a […]

Predatory Towing Practices Targeting College Students & Parents Across Texas

With Texas colleges and universities starting their fall semester soon, Texas Towing Compliance Strike Teams are in place to conduct sting operations that will bankrupt dishonest predatory tow companies and parking facility owners. Every college student that drives a vehicle, moped or motorcycle while attending colleges and universities in Texas are urged to subscribe to […]

Tow Truck Operators & Vehicle Storage Facility Employees Are Clueless

We are now 40K strong and no truck operator or vehicle storage facility employee never knows when the person they are conducting business with is a Strike Team member. Although 394 TDLR licensees (Towing & Storage Programs) have met them firsthand with 138 of them arrested for outstanding warrants when law enforcement has embedded in […]

Vehicle Owner Complaints Against VSFs Increase Due to Taking Photos

When your vehicle is towed without your consent or involved in a traffic accident that requires these types of towed vehicles be stored in a licensed vehicle storage facility in Texas, the vehicle storage facility is required by State Law to secure the vehicle, as in the photo above, the vehicle is not secured. The […]