The Austin Police Department Puts Storage Facilities on Notice

Last night and mostly everyday, citizens are calling 911 reference J&J demanding they sign their paperwork after payment has been made, prior to gaining the release of their vehicles. The incident last night dealt with two issues, (1) J&J mailed the Certified Letter for the Expired Registration/Inspection Stickers for the property manager (2308.402 violation) and […]

TDLR Christmas Cheer: “Give Me Your Money Licensees”

The latest round of those administrative fines tow company and vehicle storage facility owners love to receive has more Southwest Tow Operator members. The public has taken such great respect for the File A Complaint motto of the Texas Department of Licensing & Regulations, as they continue to deliver via email, online complaint form and […]

10K+ Vehicle Owners/Operators Due $$$ from UT-Austin

Late yesterday afternoon, we received an email from Jeffery L. Graves, Associate Vice President for Legal Affairs for The University of Texas at Austin. This email was a response to an email we sent Gregory Fenves, President of The University of Texas at Austin on September 15, 2015 reference criminal behavior by the University’s Parking […]

Strike Team Operations in Austin Lead to $3000 TDLR

We are quite pleased with the men and women of Texas Towing Compliance who serve the citizens of Texas and the millions of visitors. Their ongoing efforts to address predatory towing, law enforcement and city government outreach with the assistance of recommended attorneys to collect damages for violations, are making a big difference. Everyday, somewhere […]

More Proof Corruption Exist Within APD WEU Even With New Leadership

The public continues to be victimized by predatory illegal towing, blessed by the Austin Police Department’s Wrecker Enforcement Unit due to the known fact they refuse to uphold State Law, on the books for 20 years. Pronto’s Wrecker Service has towed thousands of vehicles from the parking lot at 3203 Red River Street without probable […]

Towing #1 TDLR Regulated Trade Occupation for Complaints & Fines

Of all of the occupations the Texas Department of Licensing & Regulations regulates, the Towing & VSF programs leads the pack with the number of complaints filed by consumers, followed by the Cosmetologist. According to TDLR Intake and Enforcement, there is steady increase in complaints with 94 percent of the complaints submitting the necessary evidence […]

The Thieves of Austin Booted Out of San Antonio, Texas

The sun is shining brighter in San Antonio as Riverwalk Towing (Frank Sapp) and Assured Towing have lost key contracts that kept them afloat for the past couple years. According to sources who know, Frank Sapp (J&J Towing owner) who also owned Riverwalk Towing lost 98% of their San Antonio income when Central Parking Systems […]