Unlicensed Tow Truck in Houston Area Stealing Vehicles From Parking Lots

Houston metro area law enforcement agencies are advised we have received reports of the tow truck shown in the photos below of driving around parking lots randomly stealing vehicles. This tow truck is not registered with the Texas Department of Licensing & Regulations and does display a “tow truck” license. If observed towing a vehicle, […]

Pay Back to Vehicle Storage Facilities and Tow Companies by Consumers

90% of vehicle owners and operators are mad in the first place their vehicle was towed without their consent, either from a parking lot or involved in a traffic accident that required the vehicle be towed to a license vehicle storage facility. Little known to vehicle owners, operators or lien holders after payment is made […]

Once Again, TDLR Commissioners Responsible For Waste of Tax Dollars

Texas Governor Gregg Abbott must take control of the Commissioners of the Texas Department of Licensing & Regulations (TDLR), as their cronyism and incompetent decisions as body is a total waste of our tax dollars, an insult to the hard work of TDLR employees without forgetting the thousands of work hours they put in to […]

Towing Terrorism by Atlas Towing Targeting San Antonio Metroplex

Anyone who drives or owns any type of vehicle in the San Antonio metroplex are advised, if your vehicle is towed or attempted to be towed, without your permission by Atlas Towing & Recovery, your being scammed without a doubt. The BS $500 fine the six TDLR commissioners gave the owner of Atlas earlier this […]

Southwest Tow Operators’ Member Exposed for Fraudulent Business Practices

The motoring public traveling Interstate 30 or anywhere within a 50 mile radius of Wills Point, were involved in a traffic accident, Tommy’s Towing & Auto Repair towed your vehicle, then you and your insurance companies might have experienced fraudulent billing practices and the tampering of government documents. It makes no difference what city, county […]

Predatory Minded Tow Companies Use Christmas Holidays To Harass & Steal

Around the Christmas holidays, we know based on history, predatory tow truck and boot operators will capitalize on residents and their guests in apartment complexes. It’s one thing to tow a vehicle in someone’s assigned parking space (most marked illegally), but to tow someone’s vehicle for displaying an expired inspection (Texas did away with Inspection […]

The Van Horn Con Artist A&A Repair Fined $9800 by TDLR

A&A Repair in Van Horn, Texas is a prime example why the Texas Department of Licensing & Regulations should set the maximum Incident Management Tow Fees for the entire state. This company conducts tow, vehicle storage facility and roadside service operation without honesty, integrity and trustworthiness and all major trucking companies would be wise NOT […]

Austin Police Department Provides Protection to Criminal Enterprises

It makes no difference who the police chief is in Austin and 90% of local police departments, as for the past 50 years, unscrupulous tow company owners have enjoyed the privilege to engage in organized criminal activity with impunity. As an example to level of corruption that exist within APD ranks: Underneath Interstate 35 Towing […]