More TDLR Fines for Tow Companies and Vehicle Storage Facilities

Predatory tow company J&J Towing finally got there put in their place after being busted and fined by the Texas Department of Licensing & Regulations for failing to drug test their employees which cost Frank Sapp $3000.00.  Ranger Tow located in Houston has been busted many times by the Houston Police Department’s Auto Dealers Detail […]

More TDLR Fines = More Revenue for Texas General Fund from Licensees

Licensees continue to believe they can get away with doing something against the law when nobody is watching, but their chances of not getting caught is growing slimmer by the day. Many of these latest round of Administrative Orders are proof, regardless the towing association one might be a member of, none of them are […]

Alert Vehicle Owner Snaps Photo of Unsecured Vehicle in Texerkana

Once again, another vehicle owner who subscribed to Texas Towing Compliance for information, followed the Vehicle Storage Lot Procedures, while retrieving his vehicle at West Towing Service. He was already upset, wanted revenge for the rude behavior by the VSF employee, so he files the almighty TDLR complaint, that resulted in an investigation, that produced […]