Classic Towing Sets Up Property Managers to Lose in Court

Classic Towing, located in Sugarland, Texas has created a financial nightmare for apartment complexes whom signed a tow contract to enforce parking permits. Matter of fact, 48 complaints have been filed TDLR with more to come for Mr. Bryan Miller’s criminal conduct (2308.405). This is a major “no no” for a tow company licensee, to […]

Predatory Minded Tow Companies Use Christmas Holidays To Harass & Steal

Around the Christmas holidays, we know based on history, predatory tow truck and boot operators will capitalize on residents and their guests in apartment complexes. It’s one thing to tow a vehicle in someone’s assigned parking space (most marked illegally), but to tow someone’s vehicle for displaying an expired inspection (Texas did away with Inspection […]

Parking Permits with Tow Company Name equals $1000 plus treble damages payout

For years, tow companies have provided parking permits and orange warning stickers to property managers as perk to signing a tow contract.  But there is major problem with this perk as it violates State Law, specifically Texas Occupations Code 2308.402 which strictly prohibits the tow company from having a financial interest directly or indirectly in […]

Judge Rules In Favor of Towing Victim for $12,508.15

This morning, a victim of illegal towing called to say that an Hidalgo County District Court Judge returned a $12,508.15 judgment against Harrelson Property Management Inc, for seven statutory violation of the Occupations Code that regulates private property towing. This matter involved a property manager, who testified under oath, that the towing company gave her […]

112 Tow Hearings filed today in twelve Texas Counties

Throughout today, Texas Towing Compliance chapters filed a variety of tow hearings and small claims court lawsuits in Travis, Williamson, Bell, Bexar, Harris, Tarrant, Denton, Dallas, Nueces, Hays, Galveston and Jefferson counties. Generous donors paved the wave by paying all the filing fees for the first wave of lawsuits intended to strike a chord in […]

Park Right Solutions Stealing Vehicles in Austin area

Park Right Solutions in Austin is taking away J&J Towing accounts and towing vehicles without probable cause due to the simple fact all of the J&J Towing signs are illegal since they all fail to contain the statutory phrase: “Unauthorized Vehicles Will Be Towed at Owner’s or Operator’s Expense”. Park Right Solution’s President Freddie Ximenez […]

Predatory Black Bull Towing Caught Ripping Off Minorities & Fined $10,100 by TDLR

Despite hiring former Texas Department of Licensing & Regulation Senior Investigator Corey Tripp, Black Bull Towing systematically overcharged minority vehicle owners for profit and was caught after many victims filed the TDLR complaints, after reading Texas Towing Compliance. Black Bull Towing is a perfect example of a criminal enterprise for the sole purpose of money […]