June 2016 TDLR Fines, Revokations and Judgements

HELMS, MAX P Company: MICKEY’S AUTO REPAIR City: VICTORIA County: VICTORIA Zip Code: 77901 License #: 5154583C Complaint # TOW20160014121  Date: 6/29/2016 Respondent is assessed an administrative penalty of $3,000. An administrative penalty of $1,000 is assessed for TOW20160014121; and an administrative penalty of $2,000 is assessed for VSF20160014156. Respondent’s tow truck failed to have […]

Action Wrecker Service – Fort Worth Slammed with $18,000 TDLR Fine

Action Wrecker Service, in Fort Worth, has preyed on TCU students by employing unlicensed tow truck operators to basically steal vehicles, by towing them from parking lots with zero tow signs posted. Their storage lot is a complete disgrace, as they are dismantling and working on vehicles within their storage lot. A TCEQ complaint was […]

Sega Towing Has Dealt Themselves & Account a Fatal Costly Mistake

Sega Towing, in Fort Worth, Texas, also a member of the Southwest Tow Operators, believe they can tow someone’s vehicle from a parking lot, bearing no tow signs and not suffer the consequences. This location is a service station by the name of Everman’s Shell at 8654 South Fwy, Fort Worth, TX. This property has […]

Denton’s New Towing Ordinance Conflicts With State Law & Unenforceable

Earlier this week, the Denton City Council voted to update their towing ordinance to address the continuing predatory tow practices. Although the new ordinance is better than what they had, parts of grants companies the right via city ordinance to violate State Law, but if the tow companies, tow tuck operator and vehicle storage facilities […]