TDLR Issues More Fines, Keep Pace of Bringing Compliance

The latest round of fines issued by the Texas Department of Licensing & Regulations should send a message to licensees, obey the law or expect to pay! Congratulations to the motoring public for your continued filing of TDLR complaints against licensees who think they are above the law… GARZA, GRACIE GARZA, ISRAEL Company: PAPO’S WRECKER […]

The Beaumont Police Department Should Remove K&K Towing From Rotation List

The Beaumont Police Department should remove K&K Towing from its collision rotation list due to continued financial nightmares, outright stealing of vehicles, then holding them hostage for a ransom, to be paid by none other than the citizens of Beaumont, Texas. It’s absolutely disgusting how law enforcement agencies who have the ability in Jefferson County […]

They Just Don’t Learn & TDLR Has No Problems Issuing Licensees Fines

Failure to secure other vehicle at VSF photo to take when retrieving your vehicle As consumer complaints continue to be filed statewide, TDLR investigators are being kept busy doing investigations. Not all complaints find violations, but the majority of them do. TDLR might not issue a dishonest tow company a fine or revoke their license, […]

Major Accident in Houston Due to Tow Truck Driver Running Red Light

Once again in the news, a tow truck operator speeding through a red light slams into another vehicle sending it’s two occupants to the hospital. It’s incidents like this gives the entire tow industry a bad reputation and hopefully TDLR will revoke that tow truck operator’s license, if has one.…/two-injured-in-major-wreck-along…/972641/ Never hesitate reporting to […]

Wrecker Driver Beaten Up in Beaumont, Texas

We knew it was just a matter of time before the wrecker drivers targeting low income residents would be met with force attempting to tow their vehicles. Early this morning on Washington Blvd Parkway, a wrecker driver was attempting to tow a vehicle because the front tire of the vehicle was parked on a white […]

Vehicle Owner Complaints Against VSFs Increase Due to Taking Photos

When your vehicle is towed without your consent or involved in a traffic accident that requires these types of towed vehicles be stored in a licensed vehicle storage facility in Texas, the vehicle storage facility is required by State Law to secure the vehicle, as in the photo above, the vehicle is not secured. The […]

Black Bull Towing is Nothing More Than a Criminal Enterprise

The public around the DFW area has every reason to fear Black Bull, as they will steal your vehicle, then force you to pay their ransom to get it released.  The latest predatory towing incident with these thieves happened in Fort Worth, with the towing of many vehicles without a “standing written agreement” to tow […]

Texas Towing Compliance vs J&J Towing & Bridge Hollow Apartments

This morning, the filing fee is paid for a Tow Hearing featuring J&J Towing and Suzy Zavala, the property manager of Point South – Bridge Hollow Apartments. This will be a case where the victim will not be coerced into not appearing in court or settle before the court date, as the Small Claims Court […]

More Complaints, More TDLR Fines Issued Across Texas

Thankfully the public is taking the advice of Texas Towing Compliance by recording every conversation with a tow truck operator and while at the storage facility. The public’s efforts are assisting TDLR bring compliance among their licensees and those who are not licensed. The latest TDLR Administrative fine were issued to: Company: BG SIMONS INC […]