Operation Dream Chasers Commences

Nine Houston based strike teams commenced operations to address rogue repo trucks taking vehicles from apartment complexes in the Tomball, Jersey Village and Bear Creek areas earlier, with 15 bait vehicles.  At approximately 2:45am, an unlicensed tow truck operator was nabbed in the process of towing a bait vehicle, whom was arrested for outstanding felony […]

Sting Operations Underway

Effective 12:10am, twenty six strike teams commenced operations around Texas with 105 bait vehicles. Tow truck operators best be conducting tow operations with honesty, integrity and trustworthiness, as if we catch you violating the regulations, you will suffer the consequences..

Strike Team Deployments Completed Statewide

Our strike teams have completed their deployments across the state in some more dangerous environments than others.  In total, 482 bait vehicles were towed for the month of June and all were recovered at storage facilities that generated 83 TDLR complaints. Of the 482 vehicles towed, every parking facility had no less than six statutory […]

J&J Towing Knowingly Illegally Tows 94 Bait Vehicles

Frank Sapp and his son Timothy will not be “happy campers” no thanks to their contract 1099 tow truck operators that lease their tow trucks, as of to date, 94 bait vehicles were towed from their properties shown in the photographs below. Judge Steeg has ruled many times in favor of a vehicle owner or […]

Strike Teams Deployed in Austin To Address The Thieves in Tow Trucks

13 Strike Teams from around the state will be spending the next three weeks in Austin for SXSW. Our strike teams consist of ten people, many of them seasoned in dealing with felons, tow truck operators and vehicle storage facility employees when force is necessary. Thanks to our generous donors, 200 bait vehicles will be […]

The Importance of Filing TDLR Complaints

The only way the public can hold the tow company, tow truck operator, booting operator, vehicle storage facility employee and vehicle storage facility responsible for illegal towing, unauthorized drop fees, abuse while at the vehicle storage facility, refusal to accept MasterCard, Visa, Discover, American Express, Electronic Checks and Cash to pay your vehicle out at […]