Feedback From Tow Victims Across Texas

The following comments are from victims of predatory towing across Texas sent via the Texas Towing Compliance website, we encourage all victims provide us feedback reference the mental anguish and hardships you experienced after finding your vehicle was towed away. Jennifer McClellan Hello I came across your website while researching Texas Impound Services. Very unethical […]

Southwest Tow Operators Under the Microscope by FBI & IRS

We have talked to hundreds tow company owners reference the continued calls from the Southwest Tow Operators regarding their annual membership fee and the benefit they gain from paying it. After our conversations with these owners, the majority agree, the money they ask for does nothing for them, as most continue to be issued administrative […]

Black Bull’s Attorney Thinks TDLR Requested Penalty is To High

Seth Lightfoot is an attorney, his employer (Black Bull owner’s brother) represents Black Bull in all legal matters. In our opinion, Mr. Lightfoot is no different from Jonathan Bruce or Mark Hull, who also represents criminal organizations that target the public in cities across Texas, Bruce, the Southeast region and Lightfoot, the DFW region.  The […]

More TDLR Fines = More Revenue for Texas General Fund from Licensees

Licensees continue to believe they can get away with doing something against the law when nobody is watching, but their chances of not getting caught is growing slimmer by the day. Many of these latest round of Administrative Orders are proof, regardless the towing association one might be a member of, none of them are […]

All Cities Towing – Victims Due Refunds – Illegal Tow Sign

Anyone that has been towed by All Cities Towing, anywhere in the DFW with the above tow signs posted are encouraged to complete the Tow Victim Incident Report, file the TDLR complaints against the Tow Company and Tow Truck Operator’s License and take these folks to Court by filing the Small Claims Court Lawsuit for […]

Amanda Towing Sued for Unpaid Overtime Compensation

According to an article in the SeTexasRecord on February 5, 2016; HOUSTON – A Harris County man is suing two towing companies, alleging they did not pay him overtime wages. Shannon McCullough filed a lawsuit Jan. 27 in the Houston Division of the Southern District of Texas against Austin Towing Service and Houston Armada, both […]