More Issues With Illegal Tow Signs A Plus For Victim Recovery

This issue is not a loophole, rather a requirement of State Law, that a tow sign be red and white, period. Earlier this year, tow companies were put on notice reference the change in tow signs rendering all their “Towing Enforced At All Times” tow signs illegal. Some continued to tow vehicles knowing their tow […]

Sting Operations Underway

Effective 12:10am, twenty six strike teams commenced operations around Texas with 105 bait vehicles. Tow truck operators best be conducting tow operations with honesty, integrity and trustworthiness, as if we catch you violating the regulations, you will suffer the consequences..

Atlas Towing & Recovery in Hot Water Again After Illegal Tow

Atlas Towing & Recovery located in San Antonio, Texas is in serious trouble after additional complaints against them have surfaced regarding illegal towing. Atlas just last week signed an agreed order with the Texas Department of Licensing & Regulation (TDLR) and fined $2000 for doing the same exact things the new current complaints are about.  […]

Companies Resort to Using Bogus TDLR License Number on Trucks

Per a TDLR Investigator, the TDLR License Number displayed on the vehicle transport in this video is bogus. With more and more of these types of vehicle haulers being captured on video by Strike Teams whom watch the roadways in Texas, now they are attempting to avoid detection by using bogus license numbers. But as […]

Strike Team Operations in San Antonio Bearing Fruit

Continued operations involving Atlas Towing & Recovery, their property managers and property owners is bearing fruit as now the State of Texas wants to shut down them down. Atlas Towing like Riverwalk Towing are nothing more than a criminal enterprise being allowed to prosper with impunity because the San Antonio Municipal Court Prosecutor refuses to […]

State of Texas Seeks To Shutdown SAPD Tow Contractor Assured Towing

Nobody is surprised that the Texas Department of Licensing & Regulations seeks a full one year suspension of San Antonio Police Department Tow Contractor Assured Towing’s operating license due to serious violations of State Law. SAPD patrol supervisors are not happy with Assured Towing as officers are having to wait upwards an hour or more […]

Bexar County JP Finds For Tow Victim over “Coffee Mug Kickback”

Earlier, a Bexar County JP ruled probable cause did not exist to have a vehicle removed from a parking facility because the tow company provided something of value to parking facility in connection with the removal of the vehicle. This something of value just happened to be a “coffee mug” with the tow company’s name […]

Bexar Towing Justice Delay Until August 20, 2014

The Texas Department of Licensing & Regulation Commissioners have once again delayed justice for Bexar Towing’ history of taking advantage of motorists and the citizens of San Antonio. John Deloach, owner of Bexar Towing testified before the Commissioners that the large fine would bankrupt him, but, Deloach has already created another tow company, Travis Towing […]