Non-compliant Tow Signs Remain Prime Reason for 404 Lawsuits

When towed from a parking lot with a sign as shown above, the vehicle owner or operator should file the Small Claims Court Lawsuit for Statutory Violations against the property management company and landowner, leaving the tow company out of the lawsuit. Based on the continued pleading by the attorneys representing these companies and landowners, […]

Red River Apartments Tow Scam by Reliant Towing

The Red River Apartments located at 3301 Red River in Austin, Texas is latest report of a tow scam by Reliant Towing according to call to the Tow Hotline and photographs provided by victims. After reviewing the tow signage at this address, it has been determined not one tow sign posted meets the minimum requirements […]

SXSW 2016 Predatory Towing Expected by Austin Area Tow Companies

With SXSW events in Austin beginning this week, it’s expected, the predatory illegal towing of vehicles, without a doubt will occur. This year’s festivities like the prior years, left some of those who chose to drive the Austin for the numerous SXSW events will become victims of J&J Towing, Reliant Towing, Park Right Solutions, Austin […]

Towed by Park Right, Reliant, J&J or G&G Impounding, Your Due $$$

Anyone who has their vehicle towed away or charged a drop fee by Park Right Solutions, Reliant Towing, J&J Towing or G&G Impounding, your vehicle has been illegally towed, regardless of the reason towed. For starters, the tow signs bearing the name of Reliant and J&J Towing are illegal due to missing or added text […]

Illegal Reliant Tow Sign Pays $1600 in Travis County JP 3

Everybody towed by Reliant Towing with a tow sign that looks exactly as the sign above is entitled to $800 (if attorney is used) or $1600 if you file the Small Claims Lawsuit for Statutory Violations against the property management company and landowner, in Travis County Justice of the Peace Pct 3 Court, regardless where […]

Pay Back to Vehicle Storage Facilities and Tow Companies by Consumers

90% of vehicle owners and operators are mad in the first place their vehicle was towed without their consent, either from a parking lot or involved in a traffic accident that required the vehicle be towed to a license vehicle storage facility. Little known to vehicle owners, operators or lien holders after payment is made […]

Criminal Enterprise Reliant Towing Creates New Illegal Tow Sign

Nothing surprises us with Mark Schroeder when it comes to engaging in organized criminal activity against the citizens of Austin reference illegal towing. In the latest discovery, Schroeder has created a tow sign that without a doubt does not follow State Law by adding words to statutory phrases in “quotes”. It cost no more or […]