TDLR Complaints on Texas Impound Services LLC Increase

Texas Impound Services LLC located in Denton, Texas has been added to the list of the predatory tow companies who are designated criminal enterprises. Gary Phillips, the owner of this company prides himself of stealing for living, paying kickbacks to properties who sign their tow contracts and tow from parking facilities with non-compliant tow signs, […]

Predatory Black Bull Towing Caught Ripping Off Minorities & Fined $10,100 by TDLR

Despite hiring former Texas Department of Licensing & Regulation Senior Investigator Corey Tripp, Black Bull Towing systematically overcharged minority vehicle owners for profit and was caught after many victims filed the TDLR complaints, after reading Texas Towing Compliance. Black Bull Towing is a perfect example of a criminal enterprise for the sole purpose of money […]

Serial Predators Targeting the Public in Austin area..remain vigilant!

Predatory tow truck drivers and boot personal of A&A, Albert’s, J&J, Park Right, Pronto, Reliant and Republic Parking Enforcement are targeting holiday shoppers, the public celebrating the Christmas Holidays and multifamily properties as they know you’ll have money… Everyone towed, booted or charged a drop fee regardless the reason from a parking lot, by any […]

Law Enforcement Training for Texas Towing Law – You owe to your community

The San Antonio Police Department Vehicle Crimes Unit (SAPD VCU) training for law enforcement agencies in Texas is now the most sought, as once your officers, deputies and detectives understand how criminal organizations are taking advantage of the public, transporting drug loads via tow trucks and three car hauler, your communities will see a drastic […]

Law Enforcement Training for Private Property Towing Enforcement

Many police departments and sheriff departments across Texas continue to tell potential crime victim of illegal towing from private property the towing of their vehicle is a civil matter.  This excuse is terribly wrong and sends the wrong message to Predatory tow companies linked to organized crime their conduct is welcome within their jurisdiction. There […]

Learn How To File Felony Charges for Illegal Towing

Law enforcement agencies in Texas who lack the knowledge and training on investigating criminal illegal towing from private and public parking facilities, you now have multiple police and sheriff departments that will help you. Citations and Tow Hearing losses are considered by many tow companies, as the cost of doing business. But, when a tow […]