Denton’s New Towing Ordinance Conflicts With State Law & Unenforceable

Earlier this week, the Denton City Council voted to update their towing ordinance to address the continuing predatory tow practices. Although the new ordinance is better than what they had, parts of grants companies the right via city ordinance to violate State Law, but if the tow companies, tow tuck operator and vehicle storage facilities […]

Major Tow Scam Involving University of North Texas & On The Road Again

The University of North Texas and On The Road Again has been scamming students by towing their vehicles from campus parking lots with illegal tow signs and storing their vehicles at an unlicensed vehicle storage facility relocated by On The Road Again, another corrupt tow company in Denton County. Any and everyone towed or booted […]

TDLR Cracking Down on Unauthorized Drop Fees

Tow truck drivers charging unauthorized drop fees is a real problem across the state, as John Q citizens has no clue when they should pay and when they should not pay. Although, motorists have been educating themselves with the Texas Towing Compliance website to prevent being ripped off by a dishonest tow truck driver.¬† In […]

Texas Impound Services VSF Employee Calls Federal Judge a “Wetback”

Last night, a Federal Judge¬† was attempting to pay for his vehicle towed from an apartment complex (illegal tow sign posted) where his daughter lives while attending college. While at Texas Impound Service, a female who refused to display her VSF Employee License repeatedly called the Judge a wetback and other racial slurs due to […]