Park Right Solutions Giving Kickbacks to Apartment Complex Managers

Austin based Park Right Solutions is knowingly violating the Texas Towing, Storage & Booting Law by giving something of value to property managers. The issue will cost your property manager, is that Park Right Solutions is mailing the Certified Letter required to tow a vehicle with an expired inspection or registration sticker that allows ten […]

Judge Rules In Favor of Towing Victim for $12,508.15

This morning, a victim of illegal towing called to say that an Hidalgo County District Court Judge returned a $12,508.15 judgment against Harrelson Property Management Inc, for seven statutory violation of the Occupations Code that regulates private property towing. This matter involved a property manager, who testified under oath, that the towing company gave her […]

404 Hearing Best Route to Recover From Illegal Towing

It’s now been determined, the best route to recover monetary damages from vehicles being towed from private or public parking lots, is the 404 Hearing. Occupations Code Sec. 2308.404. Civil Liability of Towing Company, Booting Company, or Parking Facility Owner for Violation of Chapter. (a) A towing company, booting company, or parking facility owner who […]

Some Tow Hearing Judges Suffer from Black Robe Disease

Victims of predatory illegal towing are already suffering due to financial problems as it is and many lose their jobs because they can’t afford to pay the charges to get their vehicle released to get to work. To make matter even worse, is when a Judge or visiting Judge that hears their tow hearing or […]

Metro Parking Solutions & Westdale Hills Apts Violating the Law Again

Once again, Westdale Hills Apartments & Metro Parking Solutions are at it again towing vehicles in violation of State Law and as before, everyone gets to collect big bucks! Over the past week, upwards of 30 vehicles have been towed for a variety of reasons including expired inspection and registration stickers. Even though the 10 […]

Update for Fraud Committed by Predatory Tow Companies

It’s been learned from many sources, including property managers statewide, the owners of Reliant Towing,  Eagle Towing & Recovery, J&J Towing, Park Right Solutions, Albert’s Towing, A&A Wrecker, Pronto Wrecker Service, Central Towing, Rios Towing, Phoenix Towing, Master Tow and many others, all members of the Southwest Tow Operators are telling property managers that the […]

M Station Apartments & J&J Towing Blantantly Violating the Law

Every single person towed from or charged a drop fee at the M Station Apartments, owned by Foundation Communities, by J&J Towing since September 1, 2013 are being targeted for financial gain. Any Foundation Communities apartment complex that has J&J Towing signs posted, you maybe entitled to big bucks payable by Foundation Communities based for […]