June 2016 TDLR Fines, Revokations and Judgements

HELMS, MAX P Company: MICKEY’S AUTO REPAIR City: VICTORIA County: VICTORIA Zip Code: 77901 License #: 5154583C Complaint # TOW20160014121¬† Date: 6/29/2016 Respondent is assessed an administrative penalty of $3,000. An administrative penalty of $1,000 is assessed for TOW20160014121; and an administrative penalty of $2,000 is assessed for VSF20160014156. Respondent’s tow truck failed to have […]

Landmark at Prescott Woods Apartments & Reliant Towing Scandal

It’s my professional opinion that the management of Landmark at Prescott Woods Apartments in Austin, Texas has lost control and could be held culpably responsible for Reliant Towing’s actions. Towing needs to be done and not stopped. Towing is a necessity and will help the property owner or manager maintain a better environment for the […]

Predatory Behavior Still Continues at Vehicle Storage Facilites

Based on daily calls to the tow hotline (512-680-3190), vehicle owners and operators continue to be abused verbally when at a vehicle storage facility to retrieve their vehicles. Important facts to remember: Upon arrival to the storage facility by yourself or with someone, use a cellphone, digital recorder or camera to record in video/audio¬† the […]

$1000 Plus Triple Damages for Illegal Tow Posted Per TDLR

The Texas Department of Licensing & Regulations (TDLR), after 10 months, has posted on their website the tow signs that is required in order for unauthorized vehicles to be towed from a private or public parking facility. Why TDLR waited so long the give guidance to their licensees is beyond anyone’s imagination. TDLR in failing […]