K & K Towing SETX Update

The terrible reign of the parking lot pirates has ended, effective January 1, 2016. Shawna Kreuzer, owner of K & K Towing is creating more problems for her private property accounts than both of them can ever imagine, with the latest comments she has made to investigators.  This nonsense her company is protected by Federal […]

K & K Towing, A Criminal Conspiracy

For anyone that lives at an apartment, townhouse, HOA, condo or mobile home complex in Jefferson County, Texas, your chances of being a victim of a widespread mail fraud, racketeering and criminal conspiracy at the hands of K&K Towing, owned by Shawna Kreuzer, is as high as being bitten by a mosquito. Based on notarized […]

The Beaumont Police Department Should Remove K&K Towing From Rotation List

The Beaumont Police Department should remove K&K Towing from its collision rotation list due to continued financial nightmares, outright stealing of vehicles, then holding them hostage for a ransom, to be paid by none other than the citizens of Beaumont, Texas. It’s absolutely disgusting how law enforcement agencies who have the ability in Jefferson County […]