John Deloach: the San Antonio Narcissistic Sociopath

It comes with no surprise John Deloach, the owner of Bexar Towing would spew lies about our organization’s founder, Mr Pat Johnson, whom was told in writing by his doctors, is dying after a 34 year battle with the AIDS Epidemic. I do not know Mr. Deloach, but for any business owner to introduce himself […]

Corruption Within San Antonio Municipal Court Prosecutors Office

It’s of our professional opinion (not SAPD) there is a mole (corruption) within the Municipal Court Prosecutor Office reference valid criminal case files being destroyed instead of being prosecuted against tow company owners and tow truck drivers. This issue has been happening for no less than 20 years as SAPD has filed hundreds of cases, […]

More Issues With Illegal Tow Signs A Plus For Victim Recovery

This issue is not a loophole, rather a requirement of State Law, that a tow sign be red and white, period. Earlier this year, tow companies were put on notice reference the change in tow signs rendering all their “Towing Enforced At All Times” tow signs illegal. Some continued to tow vehicles knowing their tow […]

4 TDLR Complaints Filed For Each Non-consent Tows Always Leads to TDLR Fines

The File A Complaint button on the Texas Towing Compliance (TTC) website has contributed to a higher number of complaints being filed with Texas Department of Licensing & Regulations (TDLR) along with all of the supporting evidence. We expected this would happen if a vehicle owner or operator knew four different TDLR licenses were involved […]

Bexar Towing aka John Deloach Enterprises Fined $19,356 by TDLR

Nobody in San Antonio likes Bexar Towing because of their owner’s arrogance towards the public, military and law enforcement.  John Deloach is not someone you would find on the front row of church as there is no place in heaven for the harm his companies has caused to the citizens of San Antonio.  Everybody towed […]

Progessive Towing Solutions of San Antonio Busted

A day never goes by I learn of a tow company who are proud members of the Southwest Tow Operators believe they can run in violation of State Law. This time, it’s Progressive Towing Solutions in San Antonio who violated the law daily until caught by a San Antonio Police Officer during a recent traffic […]

Bexar Towing Justice Delay Until August 20, 2014

The Texas Department of Licensing & Regulation Commissioners have once again delayed justice for Bexar Towing’ history of taking advantage of motorists and the citizens of San Antonio. John Deloach, owner of Bexar Towing testified before the Commissioners that the large fine would bankrupt him, but, Deloach has already created another tow company, Travis Towing […]