Zone One Auto Storage Employee Refuses to Provide Required Information

Zone One Auto Storage is in serious trouble, as one of their VSF employees refused to display their VSF EMPLOYEE LICENSE CARD instead of a photocopy hanging on the wall. Not only did this person refuse to display their license, but failed to provide everything listed on the Texas Vehicle Storage Lot Procedures, all of […]

TDLR Advisory Board Members Loosing Ground: 2% Rate Increase

At today’s advisory board meeting, it was obvious Joanne Messina, the mouthpiece for the Southwest Tow Operators was not pleased. This should send a message to their organization and the rest of the industry who takes pride in scamming the public with impunity. Christmas for some will bring in a new year they will not […]

Houston Safe & Clear Contractor Fast Tow Burns Tow Victim Twice

Fast Tow of Houston, a Safe and Clear contractor for the Houston Police Department was found guilty before a Harris County Judge of criminal illegal towing practices back in September. The Court at that time ordered Fast Tow to pay the judgement for their illegal behavior. But, Fast Tow didn’t pay the entire judgement and […]