The Only Reasons Vehicles Maybe Towed from Apartment Complexes in Texas

Texas regulates all aspects of private property towing, especially from apartment complexes and a vehicle can only be towed for reason as stated in State Law and no other reasons. Its important to remember, the Texas Towing Law is about “who” may park and prohibit all others, but not “how” they park. Per Texas Occupations […]

Bexar Towing Outright Steals Vehicle – San Antonio

A tow truck operator towed a vehicle, belonging to a resident, vehicle listed on lease, with current inspection/registration, no flats or leaking fluids, because the vehicle was “dirty” looking and hadn’t moved from the assigned paid parking space. The vehicle owner, an US Air Force pilot, upon returning from an overseas flight, of transporting military […]

Black Bull’s Attorney Thinks TDLR Requested Penalty is To High

Seth Lightfoot is an attorney, his employer (Black Bull owner’s brother) represents Black Bull in all legal matters. In our opinion, Mr. Lightfoot is no different from Jonathan Bruce or Mark Hull, who also represents criminal organizations that target the public in cities across Texas, Bruce, the Southeast region and Lightfoot, the DFW region.  The […]

UPDATE: Priority Towing & Recovery To Be Paying TDLR Soon

Anybody whose been towed by Priority Towing & Recovery from a parking lot anywhere in Brazos County without your consent, you’re in for a landfall.  These folks believe they are above the law and TDLR regulations, but soon they will learn they are not. We received a call on the hotline earlier from a vehicle […]

Wrecker Driver Beaten Up in Beaumont, Texas

We knew it was just a matter of time before the wrecker drivers targeting low income residents would be met with force attempting to tow their vehicles. Early this morning on Washington Blvd Parkway, a wrecker driver was attempting to tow a vehicle because the front tire of the vehicle was parked on a white […]

Tow Truck Operators & Vehicle Storage Facility Employees Are Clueless

We are now 40K strong and no truck operator or vehicle storage facility employee never knows when the person they are conducting business with is a Strike Team member. Although 394 TDLR licensees (Towing & Storage Programs) have met them firsthand with 138 of them arrested for outstanding warrants when law enforcement has embedded in […]