Unlicensed Tow Truck in Houston Area Stealing Vehicles From Parking Lots

Houston metro area law enforcement agencies are advised we have received reports of the tow truck shown in the photos below of driving around parking lots randomly stealing vehicles. This tow truck is not registered with the Texas Department of Licensing & Regulations and does display a “tow truck” license. If observed towing a vehicle, […]


A tow truck driver working for Parking Management Company located in Houston, Texas today charged an unauthorized drop fee of $80 cash when the vehicle was not fully ready for transport. This tow truck driver would only accept cash, the vehicle owner didn’t have cash, but had a credit card, which the driver refused to […]

Two Houston Area Tow Companies’ Tow Company Licenses Revoked By TDLR

Two of Houston’s predatory tow companies who burned motorists repeatedly are out of business, as the Texas Department of Licensing & Regulations (TDLR) revoked the tow company licenses. The importance of filing all four TDLR complaints makes a difference, as TDLR is not going to stand around and let the motoring public be taken advantage […]

Zone One Auto Storage Employee Refuses to Provide Required Information

Zone One Auto Storage is in serious trouble, as one of their VSF employees refused to display their VSF EMPLOYEE LICENSE CARD instead of a photocopy hanging on the wall. Not only did this person refuse to display their license, but failed to provide everything listed on the Texas Vehicle Storage Lot Procedures, all of […]

TDLR Moves to Revoke RedLight Wreckers Tow Company License & Issue $18,500 Fine

Redlight Wreckers have made themselves a reputation of scamming motorists all across the Houston metro area, by towing vehicles without authorization, illegal tow signs posted, unlocking vehicles to remove parking permits and damaging vehicles, then refusing to pay damage claims. There day is coming to a close as the Texas Department of Licensing & Regulations […]

Criminal Solicitation by Tow Companies Accepted by Parking Facilities

Texas Towing Compliance Audit Teams are checking the websites operated by tow companies licensed by the Texas Department of Licensing & Regulations that solicit bribes by offering something of value to gain tow contracts. When these types of criminal solicitations are provided via a website are located, a complaint is generated to TDLR for violating […]